All Out War | Attack On Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin): Final Season Episode 6+7 Thoughts

This is pure greatness that I am watching. As time and time again this show keeps getting better and better. If you know me I am a huge war arc fan and these last two episodes have been a perfect blend of beauty and horrific. With this showing you the horrors of this great war while also showing you the beautiful animation and amazing soundtrack. A Lot has happened so let’s talk about it.


It started with pure anarchy as a character that I thought would be important just died. Like Zofia died like it was nothing as her character was one that reminded of Annie and I thought that it would be somewhat important. But, she just had a building fall on her and her character is gone. Along with so many others right in front of the eyes of Gabbie. To basically represent what Eren went through in the first episode. While having a huge fight as well.

WarHammer Titan

This Titan is probably the most powerful one of the shifters to me. If Eren didn’t find out the way she was formed. She would have his number. As the ability to form weapons in thin air like nothing. To her having no nape. She had the number of Eren and if it wasn’t for a great return of a certain person. Eren would be out for the count. But, he finds out the weakness of the War Hammer Titian and has captured her.


It is just good to see a lot of the main cast back. As Mikasa is back just being a voice of caring. As she was letting him know of the death that was around him. But, the way that Eren is now he is emotionless. With the intent of eating the War Hammer Titian.

Devils Of Paradis

This title is one that perfectly represented episode 6. As it is one that is the definition of what the Survey Corp is in this land. With them being so destructive in this land. As they are flying, murdering everyone without remorse. Ending Episode 6 with the amazing scene as Eren tries to eat the War Hammer Titian then Galliard tries to eat Eren. Then Levi and everyone come showing Galliard that Titans are not feared by the humans of Paradis.


Now Pock kinda disappointed me. As in the first episode of season 4 you see him making all of these key moves. And is just amazing in his Titan form. But, then in episode 7 all you see is this man taking Ls left and right. To the point where the L was just hurting me. Overall it shows that you do need a lot more experience with your Titian to be at this level. As in this war right now he is lacking heavily in it.


I will admit that this was insane. Hiim being on a boat just chilling and basically being a nuke after releasing his titan. Catching everyone off guard leading to the death of all of the people there. It was brutal. I do like what Armin thinks after him becoming a Titan and killing all those people. Thinking back to Bertholdt.

Utter Defeat

Puck got her whole squad defeated(RIP Carlo) and murdered. Zeke just always loses to Levi. As Levi finally gets his revenge for wrin. The War Hammer Titian gets consumed by Eren. While this plan still has moving parts.

Eren is a Savage

When Eren made Galliard a literal nutcracker. That scene aws just uncomfortable. Imagine being in the position of Galliard where he is just being used like that. You can see the pain in his eye. Along with everyone watching. Also now Eren has the War Hammer Titian along with all of her powers.

Gabbie and Falco

I just want to say that the pain that these two had to go through in this episode. From seeing their friends die in front of them. To the destruction of their home. You are really seeing the horror that these kids are going through. Seeing all of this. Gabi having a sense of pure rage and Falco just in pure pain. Seeing this in their own ways but, yet the same. I love the work that was put into both of these characters to then shout for Reiner at the end.


The way that Gabi and Falco called to him like some super hero coming to save them. With him basically waiting to die. He couldn’t yet. So he comes out in a new form ready to fight Eren for the third time. With this one being one I think he can win.

Manga Ending Time

Fun little fact I wanted to throw out is that the manga is ending in the beginning of April. Similar to the time that this anime is projected to end. Making sure that manga and Anime readers get the conclusion to the GOAT around the same time. So props to the author allowing anime only and manga readers to enjoy the final season in the same week is all goes as planned.

Final Thoughts

The final season has been nothing but greatness. Giving us a final season to remember. So thank you MAPPA so far for giving us fans a proper ending. Along with the mangaka Isayama for writing such an amazing story. Thank you all for reading and until next time be great.

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