Thoughts on the Ending Of ChainSaw Man and It’s Future

***Spoiler For the Whole Manga (Mainly Talking About The Final Arc)***

Now I will start off by saying that the final arc with Makami was an acid trip of plot twists. Like 20 consecutive plot twists were just happening and added so many unanswered questions to the series that may or may not ever be answered. As Makami became the main antagonist as an unkillable devil, wanting to control the Chainsawman Devil. As I read the manga it did seem a little bit rushed as a lot of things were happening at once.

We had Denji wanting to be Makima’s dog as he felt pain after killing Aki. Who may or may not be his brother somehow. I don’t really understand if the Gun Devil is really dead or not. Back to Denji being a dog for Makami as she straight up kills Power right in front of Denji. Then closes the door and laughs. That was savage as f*ck. Then Makami’s speech right after saying how she controls everything in his life. As her plan was to make him happy so she can bring him more down than ever. Bringing out the true Chainsaw Devil.

Her obsession with the Chainsaw Devil that erased Nazi’s from thier world. Like they just slide that in their. As the Chainsaw Devil was so overpowered in hell. Makami wanted to control that and get eaten by it also. Overall Makami is a very strange yet interesting character that we never got to know more in depth to her character. As Denji kills her using some insance power up after getting his heart ripped out. But, I have to remember the levels of insanity that this series goes by.

As Denji had to eat his long time crush on some straight up canable stuff. Like this manga is insane. Also I gotta shout out to Power as I am of the complete belief that this series is one that no one is truly dead. Not even Makami as she got reincarnated into Nayuta after her body got eaten so that is just over confusing. Overall it was a hell of an ending to the first arc. As this manga kept saying that it was ending but, really it was ending its first arc that lasted 97 chapters. So more Chainsaw Man are coming in the future.

The Future

I am very optimistic of the future of Chainsaw man. As number one on the list that I hope for is to be promoted to Seinen manga as it was intended to be. As the times that I read this story. I truly believe that I am reading a seinien everytime. There were even chapters that were removed from the official Viz website for being overly sexual. So I believe that seeing this story will be even more insane. With a lot more freedom not doing it weekly.

Now topics that I am hopeful for in the future of the manga is a Power arc. Her death was shocking and insane. With her comeback and second death towards the end being heartwarming and sad. So hopefully in Part 2 which seems to focus on Denji being in highschool. Hopefully there’s a way to get power back as she is reincarnated as the blood devil and told Denji to find her. So I am gonna be hyped for her return and future in the series.

Also Denji has to raise a reincarnated Makima as Nayuta. So that is gonna be interesting. Also can my man Denji get him some girls. Like Reze came back and he just murdered her TWICE. I know that death is like none existent in this world but, man that was stupid.

Final Thoughts

This manga was an acid trip. That is the best way to describe it. I feel that there were a lot of moments that needed to be explained. With this being a little bit too fasted paced. So that is my major complaint. I love the art style of the manga. Denji and Power are my favorite characters. Halloween will always be my favorite chapter. I recommend this manga heavily for those people who want to have fun reading a manga. As that is what this manga is.

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