I Missed Mami | Kanojo Okarishimasu (Rent A Girlfriend) Chapter 157-172 Review

Man, sometimes you just gotta appreciate when an amazing character returns. Even if it’s for a page or two. It is still better than seeing one of my least favorite characters in manga do nothing for 10+ chapters. Not much happened in these past couple of chapters So here are my overall thoughts on the chapter and hope for the future of this manga.

I Dislike Kazuya’s Character

The deeper I get into this series. The more mad I get at the decisions that Kazuya’s character makes. The things that he says and the words that he holds in and avoids saying generally annoys me. As all that I am reading is the author dragging this relationship for as long as possible. Making Kazuya more of a dislikable character. With a story that is progressing at a fast rate. The relationship between Kazuya and Chizuru is stagnant. Even taking a 4 month break from the manga I feel that nothing has changed in the slightest.

Review Of the Last 15 Chapters

What I learned is that Kazuya led Chizuru on a date to cry and fully mourn. Before all of that thought he gushed over her for however many chapters. Went through another set of date chapters. Leading to a heartwarming moment between the two. Then Ruka is jealous and still “dating” him. Takes him on a date. Now he is on date with Chizuru. But, this time he isn’t paying for it. And that is the main story in a nutshell. Didn’t care much about it until I saw Kazuya’s Grandma with a new friend.

Mami Nanami’s Return

Man, did I miss this woman. Like really to me she is the best character in the story in terms of writing. Also my personal best girl in the story now. As in the beginning of the story. She played a key role as the antagonist. But, once you removed her from the main story, it has left a void that the author has yet to fill. As with a lack of a physical antagonist you had to focus on the antagonist in the character’s minds and emotions. Instead of filling that with character growth from that standpoint. We are just filled with horny thoughts of Kazuya and too many panels of people just starting at Chizuru or whoever this man is with.

It is at a point where I don’t really even read this manga unless I hear Mami is in it. As her presents in the story makes it interesting. Instead of constant dates and seeing this man j**k off for a whole chapter. So I just wanted to show appreciation to best girl and her bring a new story line after all of this time.

Final Thoughts

This review seems short as nothing really happened of importance except for Mami’s return. I really am only reading this manga for her character arc. As I could care less for Kazuya at this point.With this manga seeming a little too similar to Nisekoi. It being a story with a major plot point being postponed for the same chapters. Being a story written for money and not the story. My opinion they can prove me wrong but as of now I am just expecting disappointment. Thanks for reading and until next time, be great.

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