Friendship or Greed? | Tomodachi Game Manga

Imagine your four closest friends in the world. Put them in a room with you in a game of survival dependent on the friendship that you share with them. Do you believe that you would be able to win that game with them? A game that depends on the strength of your friendship being stronger than greed. If so then let me add this extra little tidbit. Imagine that the reason that you are in this game is because of one of your friends playing innocent. Would you be able to trust any of them knowing one is a traitor? Would you try to survive on your own or believe in the friends that you have in this Friend’s Game? This is a manga that gives you many questions in a fun and growing world that makes you think.

As the manga Tomodachi Game also named Friend’s Game is a manga written by Yamaguchi Mikoto. Mikoto, the creator of DeadTube and many other works, has a knack for survival games if you ask me. As the manga DeadTube is a manga that I consider one of the darkest that I have ever read. Along with being a manga that I respect a lot. As both series did one thing that I loved about both. That being a series that shows the darkness that is in all of humanity.

Darkness of Humanity

What I mean by that is that this is a series that this manga is one that shows you what happens when humans act on instinct. Think about this, a person that has never murder once in their live. Nor has never thought about it. When put in that situation where they can freely do it. They can become a serial killer overnight. And boy does this manga show you how dark humanity can be. As this manga is a NSFW seinen. Containing everything and more.


Every character in this manga has two sides to them. The one that they show the normal world with their sanity intact and the one that they show to survive in this world of the Tomodachi Game. As the main character Yuuichi is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. As the deeper you get in the series. The more and more Yuuchi embraces that dark side in him the more dangerous he becomes and I personally love it. As there are just panels showing the crazy and they are beautiful.

This manga has a great supporting cast that I got attached to and grew to love. But, there are the occasional dud characters that fall flat. I will say though that all the 4 main friends of our main character start out as your generic friend group inserts. But, the deeper that I got into the manga. The more that I cared for the characters. As you get their backstories, their relationships, and just seeing their overall character grows through these insane games.


The games are insane if I haven’t said it enough. I don’t want to get too deep into them due to spoilers. But, the games all have a twist to them. Along with loopholes that the main characters or the main antagonist will use to win or cheat to win. As the games can be won by intelligence, brute force, and sometimes just plain luck. As the games can rage from a simple card game to a straight up stand and exchange punches. As the way that the author writes these games makes you think what is the best way to win. As all of the games have multiple ways to win and you will find that out the more you read.


I love using the term insanity a lot while discussing this manga. Is that not just because of the people in the story. But, the manga itself is insane. As this is set in a world with no powers or anything crazy except the games of the story. So I wonder why the hell do we have normal people dodging bullets at point blank range. Why is there a meditating naked guy at the end of a chapter, and an all seeing wizard that can read minds. These are things just at the top of my head. But, the thing that adds to the insanity of the manga is the constant plot twist in the story. As when you think that a plot point is all done and complete. They flip it over your head and add two more twists to that plot points. Making this manga just pure insanity and I just love it.

Final Thoughts

You know everytime I take a break. I come back refreshed as all heck. So this is one of the many manga that I have been beginning over my hiatus. So I wanted to start with this out of the blue. As this is one of my new favorite series. Thanks to everyone that read this and more content coming soon.

Tsukino is Best Girl By Far.

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