10 Anime Couples/Ships I Love

Happy Valentines Weekend people as it is time to talk about love. During the happiest week for some and the saddest week for others. As I just want to talk about couples that I have appreciated in my lifetime of watching anime. Along with talking about ships that I like, ships everyone hates, and ships everyone loves also. So lets have fun and start this list. 

Goku & Chi-Chi (Dragon Ball Franchise

I wanted to start the list with this couple for one reason. That reason being due to the wife and caring mother that is Chi-Chi. As we need to show appreciation to the most loyal and caring wife in the history of fiction. She loves Goku so much that she will let this man leave her for years at a time to train and goof off. This man left her raising two sons alone her whole life. So I just wanted to show appreciation to Chi-Chi, an amazing woman and an underrated waifu. 

Denji & Reze (Chainsaw Man)

Chainsaw man was a ride and this ship still stays deep in my mind. As Reze and Denji’s relationship in the series was one that was beautiful yet sad. It was watching a man fall in love for the first time in the series. Their arc was one of my favorites in the series and one that I loved.

Genos & Tatsumaki (One Punch Man)

This is a weird one that I just wanted to throw out there. With Genos becoming better and better in the series. To the point where he is fighting hand and hand with Tatsumaki. I was just thinking deeply who would be with her if there ever was a person to be. Genos was number on in my mind thinking that. But, who knows. 

Kasuka & Ruri (Durarara!!)

There were so many to choose from this anime and the one that I chose was the one that I wanted to see develop the most. As in the anime Durarara, there can be a whole anime made starring a majority of characters in the show. As with the amount of screen time that we got of these two was amazing. From the moment that they met to the way that they have two lives each. As they are both famous actors along with being somewhat oddities in the world is a unique dynamic. 

Iori & Busujima (Grand Blue)

As much as I want this ship to sail. I doubt it happens due to Iori most likely being with someone else. Along with Busujima needing to improve herself more. It can happen though so who knows what happens.

Eren & Vengeance (Attack On Titan)

All these people want Eren to be with Mikasa, Levi, or even Historia for some reason. Never realizing that Eren has only one true love since the first episode of Attack On Titan. That love is for vengeance and nothing else.

Yuzu And Mei (Citrus)

You know I am realizing that I have a lot of questionable ships the more I am typing this. With this one being one that I have to say I read this story to the final chapter and I am caught up to the Citrus+ manga also. I love their relationship and the way that it developed through the chapters and I am just a sucker for tsunderes with a polar opposite. 

Asta & Noelle (Black Clover)

Now with this one, I want to put a couple that has a chance to be great. So I put Asta and Noelle for the reason that if they are written right. They can be one of the greatest couples all time. I love the potential of this couple so much that it is worth mentioning.

Mami Namami & Happiness (Rent-A-Girlfriend)

This is not even a joke. As at the end of the story of Rent-A-Girlfriend I just want the best girl in the story to be happy at the end of the series. I will die on this Mami hill until the end of the manga when you all realize the Mami Greatness. 

Gintoki & Tsukuyo (Gintama)

Alright to end it on a more serious note. Tsukuyo and Gintoki are a couple that are just perfect to me. They love one another and comrades and as people. From the moment that Tsukyno became part of Gintama she had amazing chemistry with Gintoki. With every episode or chapter that she was in being just amazing. The way that the two bounce off one another and the small yet serious moments between them are why I love these two characters so much. 

Final Thoughts

Well I hope you all have a Happy Valentine’s Weekend! This is something I want to be a tradition every year, so I hope that you enjoyed it. Also thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this. Until next time be great.  

Also always Remember who the GOAT Couple is.

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