5 Romantic Anime If Your Bored On Valentines Day

Alright here are five romantic anime for those of you who are single on Valentines Day and want to watch romance anime. Or you are lucky enough to quarantine and chill with a significant other and watch some romance anime together. Here are some anime to fill some of the boredom that you have on Valentines Date. 


Now you might be wondering why I would be recommending this anime. Well I personally believe that this anime has some of the best couples and romance moments in anime. With love stories that show you can find love truly anywhere with anybody. As this anime is about the people and supernatural beings that live in an amazing city.

Tsurezure Children

This is a little bit of a shorter anime. As to me, it is one of the best romance manga and anime that I have had the pleasure to read and watch. As it is just an anime filled with that first love story that you had in high school. With all of the stupid moments and funny ones. As this is a collection of love stories following a large set of characters.  


Now this is an anime that will take some commitment. As these are 12 hour long episodes. This is a story of two people that go on a journey to collect swords. This has some of the best two person exchanges of dialogue I have seen since Spice & Wolf. Along with a stylish view and amazing fights. This is an amazing story.

Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku

Love is overall hard for an otaku alone. So watch an anime of a group of Otaku’s struggling in their love lives as otaku pairs. It is a fun watch and funny at the same time. Watching a group of coworkers and lovers weeb out in the office is fun.

The World God Only Knows

The World God Only Knows is a manga that I was hesitant at first to put here. As I wanted to restrict the harem tag from this post. But, I gave this anime the pass. For one person being that man Keima. As this is an anime where the main character Keima is basically playing dating sims in real life with a twist that you will have to watch to find out. One that I highly recommend.

Final Thoughts 

You know making this post I realize how much romance I have on my hold list that it is insane. So I apologize for not putting series like Wandering Son, A Silent Voice, and many more that I hope to talk about in the future when I get the time. But now I just wanted to thank you all for taking time out of your Valentines Day to read this. Until next time be great. 

Also, always remember that if you haven’t seen the GOAT before any of these go watch it. 

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