BLAST REVEALED??? | One Punch Man Manga Chapter 138 & 139 Review

Well these two chapters were very interesting. Starting with Chapter 138 with all of the S-Ranks Heros uniting to defeat Psykos. With Tatsumaki making another huge final attack to end it. Then in chapter 139 we just pan over to what Saitama and Flashy Flash are doing. As we see them just casually bump into the number 1 hero in Blast in another dimension. So let’s get to the review.

S-Rank Heroes Unite

Going off of the last chapter we start with Genos and Drive Knight shooting a full blast double chest beam at Psykos only for her to still be standing. So in the midst of battle Genos and Drive Knight decide to fuse to hit her with another huge attack. With the other S Rank Heroes uniting with every move in their book to attack. Making multiple duo and trio attacks all to finish off Psykos. Ending a barrage of attacks with Tatsumaki. As she just pulls out another humongous attack with a green spear of light to finish her off.

Saitama Watch

As Saitama and company are still trying to get out. They encounter a strange cube and ignore it. But, after ignoring it they end up in a place far from home. With the gang being sent to another dimension. Where they met an odd man balled up. That man being the person kept in mystery and was in theories for so long. The man, the myth, called Blast. Who is casually going dimensions looking for these cubes.


Alternate Dimension, super speed, and calm demeanor are all of the traits we picked up from the few pages that we got from him. The only question I have from him is whether he the real Blast or not. Or someone as powerful as him. One thing that stood out to me was Saitama’s reaction. As he still didn’t have a reaction to his power and genuinely didn’t know who Blast was. So that is something that interests me.

Final Thoughts

A good two chapters and I hope that we get a lot more of Blast. As these cubes are looking to set up the next major arc. As this arc that has been taking years seems close to end. But, at the end of the day thank you all for taking the time out of your day to read this. Until next time be great.

See Y’all Later.

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