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A little over a year ago I talked about the manga Spy X Family in a post when it barely had more than 10 chapters. As when this manga first came out. I saw that it had a large following, a large amount of manga sales, and the amazing artwork. Giving this manga that had barely any chapters to its name along with so much momentum. As the manga reader and curious person that I was I read this manga and realized that this manga had a lot of potential. To make a not so great post about it and not pick it up for a long time. Something I tend to do with young manga so that I can let an arc or two develop. So a year later into the manga I picked it up again. After reading the manga up to its current chapter at 40, I truly believe that when this gets an anime. It will not just be big, but it will be a great series one day.


For those of you that haven’t heard of this manga. It is a manga that centers around a great spy called Twilight. A man of many faces and disguises along being one of the top spies ever. He is given a new mission to infeltraid a high government figure. But, by doing that he needs to have a family to get close to them. Thus through events of the manga. He adopts a daughter in Anya who is also a esper that can read minds. While also finding a wife that is a contract killer on the side. Something that none of them know about one another except the daughter of Anya.

So you are seeing this series through the eyes of Anya. As everyone in the series have to be extra sharp in their respective fields. Seeing somewhat a clash of minds. Seeing who is gonna outsmart one another. While also seeing amazing action and missions in this world of spies and deadly assassins. It is a manga with sweet moments and epic action. One that I feel can be great for everyone.


I can go to lengths about the main family of the series. But, I will just say this one thing that describes them all together. As they are just a group of extrodarity and weird people that are learning the values of a family altogether. And it is always fun to read their moments of slowly becoming a true family. But, for how long who knows.

The secondary cast of characters in this manga are all amazing as well. It With Yuri being just hilarious at times with his “tendencies”. Franky who was introduced in chapter 1 is a character that is fun, irresponsible, and caring as well. All of Anya’s classmates are fun when reading their chapters. Then there is Nightfall, who is hands down my favorite of the side character in the show.

Greatness Potential

This series being an original concept is a factor to its high potential. Along with it being a manga that can be read by all ages despite being a seinen. It is a story that I truly believe in and do love the writing too. So when the anime of this series comes out. I do not think this series will become great, I know this will be great. Cause Shonen Jump do not mess around when it comes to their top series. With this one being a series that can be a perfect storm and blossom to a truly special series.

Final Thoughts

Thank you all for taking the time out of your day to read my post. Whether you just click through it or read it to the end I appreciate you for that. Until next time be great.

Also, Yor Is Best Girl. No Debate.

3 thoughts on “A Truly Special Series | Spy X Family Manga Thoughts

  1. I love the Spy x Family manga and I’ve very excited for it to be turned into an anime! Like you, I’m sure it will be great.

    The cute family dynamic forming between the three main characters is my favourite aspect of the manga, but the weird side-characters (like the principal) and the hilarious hijinks that they all get up to while trying to hide their identities or accomplish the mission, is just so much fun. Definitely should make for an exciting and funny anime.

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