Kyoukai and Shin’s Relationship Discussion | Kingdom Manga Chapter 670 Review

There are very few manga that can make me jump out of my seat once let alone over 100 times over except Kingdom. With this chapter being one of those chapters that gives just pure hype. As this week’s chapter of Kingdom has an interesting title being “Fatal Mistake”. As at the end of the chapter we got an interesting announcement. But before we got that announcement. We got “that” talk between Shin and KyouKai (with Rei in the background). So let’s get on with the chapter.

Rei’s Atonement

The chapter starts off with Rei atoning for all the trouble that she has caused. As her fight with Kyouki enden last chapter of her being freed of her rage. Allowing her to finally live her life as her own, along with being now an official member of the Hi Shin Army. Bolstering the unit’s strength immensely. Along that we get a parenting moment between Shin and Rei also as she gets knocked on the head by Shin after apologizing for her mishaps. I personally enjoy Rei as a character as an addition to the series. The only thing that I am afraid of is her possibly being a possible replacement to Kyoukai if she were to die in the manga. Which is a scary though for the future.

The Talk

We start off this meeting a little bit comedic. With Kyoukai not being fully clothed and Shin walking in before. But, Rei was saying it was okay with Kyoukai saying yes but being shy about it. We get some information on her powers and stuff. Which I will address in a minute. But, I just want to talk about their relationship. As Rei basically exposed Kyoukai liking Shin. With this man Shin not saying a full sentence after hearing that.

We have Kyoukai then explain to him her feelings. That she liked him as a comrade. Not understanding romance yet. But, she says that she wants to stay in the relationship that they are in now. As the both of them should focus on the battlefield. With anything else having a possibility of leading to a fatal mistake (the title of the chapter). Ending the conversation of their relationship for now.

It is a very interesting take that the author is doing. The thing that I wish there was more of was more of Shin’s input. As we never got a full sentence from him this chapter after hearing Kyoukai’s feelings for him. As he seemed that whole chapter in shock after what Rei said. I just hope that this will be touched upon more in the future. And not have this chapter say that they basically won’t touch on this at all in the series.

Kyoukai Receiving No Real Consequences

At this point what was the point of all those Kyoukai Forbidden Technique chapters. Was it just to put Shin in more chapters for the war. Was it to give Rei a reason to join the army. Was it to deepen the bond of Shin and Kyoukai? Cause at this point it was pointless to do it with no consequences. As her lifespan was always twice the lengths of an average human. So she is human now. Also Rei can covientely fix her pain now. Making her better in 5 days. I love Kingdom, but this is one of those bad moments writing that I hope gets something out of. As the second good thing to happen to Kyoukai has not been named yet. So hopefully that is coming soon and makes those chapters worth it.

The Six Heavenly General System Revived!

As of the start of the coming year the system has revived. The major question for me is did it come too early. Did we get a foreshadowing hint towards the title of the chapter. With one of the 6 generals chosen possibly being a mistake. Who will be one of the six. Will Shin be able to become one yet. With so many candidates as we have the likes of Ousen, Tou, Yotanwa, Kanki, The Big Three, and Kyoukai (Who has yet to reach General). Even more that I have yet to mention. This is gonna be a tough decision.

FInal Thoughts

This chapter was a very good one to me. As we got the conclusion of the Rei mini arc, we got insight into Kyoukai and Shin’s relationship, finally the Qin Six are finally coming soon. Thank you all for taking the time out of your day to read this and until next time, be great.

Also Kyoukai is amazing if you didn’t know that already.

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