Plot Progression and Mami’s Return!!! | Kanojo, Okarishimasu (Rent A Girlfriend) Chapter 173-176 Review

You know this manga is one of the most confusing yet interesting series that I talk about. As this is a manga to me with an amazing character that has a story yet to be told and a huge discussion topic. But, along that amazing story yet to be told you have these plotlines that drag on too long for my liking. Putting this manga in a weird place for me. Besides that let’s get on with the chapters.

Plot Progression

Gotta love the manga when they give us those small moments of character progression in the story. To then drag or negate it with a multitude of distractions out of nowhere by the mangaka Miyajima himself. As they had one scene where they are about to talk about their relationship and feelings for one another. But, the waiter comes and takes their order and they don’t talk about it again as they are walking home. Until the very end where they are interrupted again as Kazuya’s friends conveniently come to get him for drinks. Like what the f*ck are you doing Miyajima. Scenes like that are just horrid to me. As in two full chapters we got no progression really. Except we the readers have known they like one another.

Mami’s Return

Man do I love when the GOAT is back in this manga. Like the moments in this series with Mami are just a blessing on this earth. Team Mami forever man. Alright on a more serious note. She is hanging around Kazuya’s grandmother a lot supposively picking her brain for information on sake. She also has yet to tell grandma about the relationship that her and Kazuya shared. With Kazuya believing her mostly and confirmed with his Grandma after their meeting there.

Now what I believe that Mami is doing is trying to get closer to Kazuya. But, what she plans to get out of this interaction is interesting. As after her discussion with Kazuya she became saddened and it was highlighted again at the end of the chapter. Was it because of Kazuya’s happiness? Is she jealous of his freedom or his relations? Why did she begin working with Kazuya’s grandma? Does she even know herself? She is such an interesting character that I just can’t wait to learn more about her.


There is really no point in talking about it. As here is what is gonna happen. A million dudes are gonna look at how beautiful Chizuru is. Then some awkward moment will happen. Leading to a moment where their relationship is about to progress to then be blocked by Miyajima. Talk to me when Mami is back.

Final Thoughts

Glad to just have the GOAT back. Thank you all for taking the time out of your day to read or just click it. Hope you all have a good day and until next time be great.

Dang Grandma is still waiting for that PS5.

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