THE NEW 6 GREAT GENERALS OF QIN!!! | Kingdom Manga Chapter 671 Review

It is time. As the 6 Great General System is to be revived after three generations of kings. The time is now for them to be named once again. With the title of being one the Six Great Generals granting the ability to freely wage war. It is a position of trust and prestige and we get 5 of the 6 named this chapter called “Appointment Ceremony”. That is all this chapter is about so let’s just talk about them.

Number 1, 2, and 3

The first three were obvious picks to me. As Moubu and Tou already being Great Generals they were locks for the positions. With Ousen being given trust to lead the Zhou Invasion Campaign. He was a lock to me. So the first one to three were good picks. Moubu has done so much already and can be trusted with Shohekun, Tou has experience and served under Ouki along with loyalty to the king, and Ousen is gonna be very interesting to see how he uses his new rank. After this I thought that it could go to anyone.

Number 4: Yotanwa

I did not think that she would be considered for a position due to her tribe. But, I like her position. Making the loyalty count to the king of the Qin Six three to one (Until Number 5). It is gonna be interesting what she does in the future of the series. If she wants the title after a while. She is a good pick to me.

Number 5: Kanki

They saved the best for last. As everyone knew that he was gonna be a problem. He is most likely to rebel. The most dangerous, unforgiving, and evil of all the new Qin Six. He will be the one to put fear in their name being that man Kanki. We know that this man only cares for himself and anything can go with his character. He could even be the first one to die.

Number 6: ???

Only 5 were named this chapter with the sixth general to be named at the start of the next chapter. As it was stated in the manga earlier this chapter. It is very unlikely that Shin, Moten, or Ouhon were awarded with the title. It is unlikely that this general is primarily serving under one of the new great generals. So I have one person in mind, that being Heki the meme of Kingdom. But, knowing this manga, they could bring up a general out of nowhere.

Who is gonna Lose their spot first?

The way that I see this is that some of these generals are place holders for the next generation. As I can see Tou dying, Kanki or Ousen rebelling, along with the 6th general dying or retiring. So it will be interesting to see if they even increase it to 7 generals.

Final Thoughts

Amazing chapter, it is good to see this happening now. I also enjoyed the little ship sailing moments with Shin and Kyouikai in the manga now. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this and until next time be great people.

Also, give us more of this please.

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