One of the Best Isekai Protagonist (or Antagonist) | Youjo Senki (Tanya The Evil) Season 1 Thoughts

This is an anime series that has been in my backlog forever. Now that I got a chance to watch it. I have to admit that Tanya is one of my favorite Isekai protagonists (or antagonist) in anime. As this anime was one that came out along with all of these isekais. It was one that stood out due to the nature of Tanya being representative of a certain historical figure. But as you watch the story it is more than just a loli-female-hitler-with-magic.


This is a story of war. A war on the battlefield, a war in life, and a war between Tanya and a God of that world who Tanya calls Being X. As Tanya was a businessman that worked his way up to the top. Grinded up there and has no sympathy for those below him. Due to that mentality it led to one of his workers being so full of hate that they pushed Tanya into a train. Where he met Being X.

Tanya’s War with Being X

Tanya is a person that does not believe in God whatsoever. With this information and a little attitude towards Being X. Being X now wants to turn Tanya into a believer. So it puts Tanya in a horrible situation in a world that is a very similar to Nazi Germany called the Empire. But in this world there are powers and Tanya has an extraordinary power. One that can be greater if she starts believing and worshiping in Being X. Leading to the main battle of the story with Tanya’s battle of life against God. Ain’t that a handicap.

Birth of Female Hitler

Thrown in the world as an orphan female child with blue eyes and blond hair. Tanya is gifted with extraordinary power and with this power, Tanya uses it to join the military. As it is the only way to move up in rank and to eventually live a comfortable life. Thus giving birth to the most deadly soldier in this world, one who cares very little for others, and will do anything to move up for herself Tanya the Evil.

War On The World

The way that this series is being written. It is a manga about war and tactics in a magical world. And I love it as the magic doesn’t hinder the war in the world. As they go hand in hand. The action scenes are amazing. Along with the art style of the characters. But, back to the war it is really a war against everyone. While you are on the side of the Empire who are people that want to rule the world under one banner. You witness destruction beyond belief. Families destroyed, people massacred, and lots of death occurs in this world. All for a goal that in our history ended early. But, in this world anything can happen and I am for it.

The Character Of Tanya

The main reason that I like this series is because of the character of Tanya. As Tanya is an elite strategist, very smart and calculated, along with doing everything in her best power to succeed in this game with Being X. Risking her soldiers numerous times to best Being X. As it is shown many times early. But, the thing that I like about her character is that she is growing. The way that I say that is that Tanya’s life as a businessman felt lonely and no family. This one Tanya is growing a family and has people that will follow her to the death.

As calculated and evil she is. I feel that Tanya is a character that was put here for a reason by Being X. Maybe I am wrong and Being X is just here to be a dick. But. I feel that Tanya is growing a family, and maybe becoming less evil and inhame as the story goes. Or the opposite happens and Tanya is going down a path of destruction that no one can stop. Whatever happens I am for the ride of her characters. As she is on one.

Final Thoughts

I like this series. I love the character of Tanya, and her soldiers and can’t wait for more. This is a story that I have high hopes for and can’t wait to see. Well thank you all for taking the time to read this and until next time be great.

Also, Season 2 When?

5 thoughts on “One of the Best Isekai Protagonist (or Antagonist) | Youjo Senki (Tanya The Evil) Season 1 Thoughts

  1. Tanya is such a good character to set up the war setting with. The brutalness is really there because of that. On top of that Movie recommendation, you might want to read the manga if it interests you. Obviously, there is the lack of the fantastic voice acting my Yuuki Aoi, but I think the art is better and her inner monologue is better portrayed.

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    1. Thanks for the recommendation! Tanya is just amazing and I didn’t even know that Yuuki Aoi is the same voice actors of some of my favorite characters (like Tatsumaki). After the movie I will hop into the manga so thanks again.

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