My Theory On Why The Promised Neverland Season 2 Skipped A Lot

The first thing I will say to all Promised Neverland Fans is GO READ THE MANGA!!!

The Promised Neverland is a Shonen Jump series that had a huge following. As it came out strong with a huge successful season 1. Making a lot of fans and people excited for season 2. As manga fans like myself were ready to see some of our favorite characters in the new arc. As this was a manga that I read weekly to the final chapter and enjoyed it. But, the more that I watched the anime. The more I was starting to get confused. As when I was watching the season 2 anime. I am wondering why so much stuff was getting skipped and censored. To the point of a timeskip and the anime skipping key moments and a whole arc that being (Goldy Pond).

So I begin to do some research and find our two things. One being that the writer of the series had made changes to the anime. Along with a post on reddit to make a that I will link here. As it gives a theory to why the anime has skipped so much compared to season 1.

The Reason Why (Minor Spoilers For Goldy Pond in the Manga)

They can’t have guns in their anime. It is such a stupid reason but that is why. But, it is Japan a country that is strict about guns and this is an anime that is a shonen at the end of the day. That is shown to young adults (shockingly enough). So they ruined a great series that had to be rewritten into an anime original to all hell by the authors due to the reasons of kids and guns in the series.

As in the arc of Goldy Pond they learn to use weapons to face the Demons. Now I don’t know what they are gonna do. This is shocking to me. Seeing a series that should have been a seinien to begin with. Being regulated to hide guns in a series where kids are getting eaten. That is crazy. I might be wrong though and this is just the writers wanting to have an anime original ending in their view. But it seems that this is a gun thing.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to everyone taking the time out of there day to read this. If you like the promised neverland GO READ THE MANGA. Until next time be great people.

Still, how do you skip Goldy Pond?

6 thoughts on “My Theory On Why The Promised Neverland Season 2 Skipped A Lot

  1. I’ve not read the manga beyond season one and even I can tell this season has been butchered. To think that it’s the original author behind it too makes it quite unbelievable. It’s turning into the A-Team where no one can die or get hurt.

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    1. Yeah after watching all of those episodes. It is just a disgrace to the manga. But, I feel that the authors had their hands tied due to the gun laws of Japan. So they had to skip so much.

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      1. Yes, and that could have just disproven my whole theory. Maybe the authors didn’t want the guns in them as an artistic choice or to appeal more to a younger audience. Which would be even worst.

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  2. First episode of Dragonball has Bulma shooting Goku in the head. Hunter X Hunter has scenes with people gunned down, etc.
    If that’s just a theory of yours then it’s best to make that clear, or people reading it will believe that it’s something the studio has said.


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