The Battle of Tiegenhof | Youjo Senki Movie (Saga of Tanya the Evil The Movie) Thoughts

You know before I say anything about this movie. I just want to thank Lynn Sheridan and Edy for the recommendation for the movie and the manga that I am soon to read. As this series is becoming more and more of a favorite as I get deeper into this franchise. So shout out to them as they both have amazing blogs. Now to this movie, as it mainly covers the battle of Tiegenhof. We get a reintroduction of the girl named Mary Sue who we met at the end of the first season. We get some good comedy, action, and war in this. So lets talk about it.

Tanya Never Gets A Break

Alright we start the movie off with the battalion completing another successful mission. Seeing some amazing animation with Tanya using her attack. Purely dominating the battlefield of the first mission of the movie. The unit did so great and had so little losses. That Colonel Erich sent them to a recon mission in the snow right after. In such a comedic way also as a soldier in the back was trying to warn Tanya. But, she fell right into the trap. I have to admit that I do appreciate the comedy in this series. As some moments are just gold.

Meet Mary Sue (AKA The Anti-Tanya)

After Tanya and the 203rd Battalion complete another mission. We get introduced to the Allied Kingdom (AKA USA). In the group we get to major characters for the movie and the future of the series. One being Lt. Colonel Willian Douglas Drake who is the leader of this unit. Who contains Mary Sue, the person that is basically the anti-Tanya and a HUGE believer. As the last time we saw her she was on a path for vengeance with some gifts from Being X. Making her the ultimate antagonist to Tanya. One that I thought we would see in the distant future of the series. But, I was wrong.

Seeing her now, she is an interesting character to me. A little flat at the moment, as her character is one after this movie that I would like to be fleshed out more. As right now I just see her as just a tool for Being X. Which she is currently . But, I would like to see more from her cause I like her character alot. Especially the parallels between her and Tanya.

Attack On The Capital

Now this is something that I just wanted to shout out to the savageness of Tanya. As it is one thing to attack the capital of a nation. She was on some other type of stuff. Singing the Empire national anthem, destroying national monuments, and planting the flag of the Empire everywhere. As Tayna didn’t have to do this. But, she did. Leading to another easy W in this movie.

Battle Of Tiegenhof

The reason that this battle happen is so stupid that you have to laugh. As this man Comrade Loria is such a creep for Tanya. That this man sent everything just for her. I don’t even think that Being X was part of this. It was just a thirsty man after Tanya. Something that I did not expect from this series at all. But, we got it.

As Tiegenhoff was a major place to set up a base. As it was connected to a lot of major railways. So Tanya decided to help the area so that they can make a base at a great location. So when she woke up to 10 fleets in the middle of the night after a successful assist.Tanya was wondering who could have come up with the idea so quickly. I was just laughing.

But the Battle of this was amazing. I have to give props to the animation staff. The way that they animated the fights in the air and on the ground with a great blend of CGI and 2D animation. It was beautiful to me. All leading up to the final battle of the movie between Tanya von Degurechaff and Mary Sue.

Tanya von Degurechaff Vs Mary Sue

This is one of my favorite fights in the anime period. From the action sequences, to the way that they fought evenly till the end. To the simbolizem that they kept throwing all over the place. This fight felt like an end of series battle. It was that good of a fight to me. The crazy thing overall is that this was just the first of many. And if this is just the beginning then I am all for the ride of this series. As this battle ended with Tanya being the victor and Mary being saved at the last moment. The scary thing is that neither of them are at their full potential yet and when that happens oh boy.

Once Again Tanya Never Catches A Break

After a successful defense Tanya has had enough. Demands to be at the rear as a ploy to “supposedly” trick the Generals and send her and her team to the rear. But, after those two months of peace in the rear. They generals send her back to the front line with a full army and not just a special mage force. Going back to the front lines with tanks and more.

Final Thoughts

Thank you all for taking the time out of your day for reading this or even skimming through it. This series is amazing and I can’t wait to start the manga and maybe the light novel after this. As this series is fun with all of its elements. Also season 2 when? Until next time be great.

Also shout out to Studio NUT for an amazing movie.

2 thoughts on “The Battle of Tiegenhof | Youjo Senki Movie (Saga of Tanya the Evil The Movie) Thoughts

  1. Glad you enjoyed the movie! I like how they name Mary Sue “Mary Sue” since that’s the archetype name for the perfect, idealistic young female character in fiction. Though, I agree that they do fall a little short in expanding her character. But I guess that’s what you get from a movie rather than a full 12 episode season.

    Comedy in the movie was great too. “It was just a thirsty man after Tanya.” this line hilariously got me cause it’s so true.

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    1. Mary Sue is a character that I can’t wait for in the future of the series. As I feel that she can grow a lot as a character. The troupe of her name makes it even better for the series.

      But, never forget a whole battle (And Movie) was started because a man was thirsty.

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