Busujima’s Motive | Grand Blue Chapter 66 “Sakurako’s Journey” Manga Review

I say this every time but, man do I love this manga. As the manga was on a three month hiatus after leaving on a huge plot twist cliffhanger with Busujima kissing Iori in front of everyone. We finally return to that moment and basically get a reverse uno card on that plot twist chapter last year. So let us talk about this amazing story of Grand Blue.

Sakurako Busujima

Sakurako Busujima you mother fcking btch, who hurt you. That is the best way that I can describe this entire chapter. Like Bususjima had me believing that she was growing as a whole character and then this chapter comes out. As we find out the reason that she came here. Is because she found out that Iori won the lottery. So she decided just to swindle him out of his money.

Now personally I think there is a lot more to this. The main reason being is that these authors like to put little moments in the story that foreshadow entire events of the series. With a prime example being Chisa’s mother hearing. This chapter showed me something similar to that. As earlier I went a little bit extra with that opening sentence. But, I really believe that someone really hurt her in the past. To lead Busujima to who she is now. With a single panel that makes me even more interested in her character than before. Being the single line “ I just hate to see people happy…”. That line seemed like the most true line I have seen out of her mouth in the whole series. So I am interested in where they go with the story.

My Theory

As I believe that she likes Iori. But, in a different way than a lover. As I believe that she wants to be in a world with Iori and his happiness. Seeing the way that he is happy and how defends his friends, she wants to be part of that or have that so much that she hates him. So she will do everything in her power to take away his happiness. So deep in her heart she likes him as a friend and to be part of his happiness. But, she thinks and acts the way she does as a protection from a person that was like Iori in her past that she was with. So when she found out about the money it was the best of two worlds for her. As it was a way to be closer to Iori to the point where she is kissing him and confessing to him casually. While also being a way to ruin him for her satisfaction of removing Iori’s happiness. But, hey that’s just a little theory.

Iori & Kohei

Before we get to how Busujima got here. I want to talk about these two real quick.When she is kissing Iori multiple times, Iori gets serious real quick and asks her if someone had put her up to this in disbelief. To then have Kohei think that her family is taken hostage. With both of them smelling something that is going on while also being idiotic in their responses. So shout out to the two as Kohei & Iori are two of the first characters that I can say are being complete idiots and super calculated at the same time.

Odd Pairing

We learn how she got here. As basically the way that she got here was that she convinced Yamamoto and the virgin gang to take her there. To then throw them away in the sand after finding Iori. And as much as I dislike this group (except Yuu mainly due to his girlfriend Rei being amazing). I have to admit that they had some good moments with Busujima in this chapter.

As an odd pairing in the manga they worked. As they talked about ways to kill Iori together. The boys got stopped by security with weapons that if it where any other country they would be in jail for terrorism. They found Yuu and pulled him from getting laid. Leading somehow the boys getting convinced to put all of their bodies in the sand. Letting Busujima walk free. Leading to all of those crazy events to this moment.

Cakey vs Busujima

Now Cakey I have talked about in length already. She had her chance and failed multiple times. So she has no right in this argument. Even thought she is pretending to speak for Chisa. Now I will say that the moments where Busujima said let go beyond kissing with Iori. To have Cakey blush and say with tongue. That was gold. But, then having Kohei follow up with the “I know that 3d women are loose, but…”. Now that was GME Diamond.

As Cakey basically was fighting with Busujima from taking Iori to seven minutes of heaven. Busujima challenges Cakey and Chisa in a game for the prize of Iori. End of chapter. Now Who do I want to win, Chisa or Busujima. Who do I think is gonna win? Kohei.

Final Thoughts

One thing that I want more of in the next chapter thought is Chisa’s input. As she was just shocked by the situation and not really that responsive in this chapter. So I want more of her next chapter. But, overall I am just happy that I got this amazing manga back. So thank you all for reading this and until next time be great.

Also, Yuu can never catch a break.

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