3 Anime That Deserve A Season 2

We are in an age of anime now where Devil is a Part Timer can get a second season after eight years. So now anything is possible. I understand that it takes time and effort from a multitude of forces to even make a season of an anime. But after the Devil is a Part Timer announcement, I am throwing that out the window to shout out three series that deserve it. As I made a calculated list of the anime that I have watched to yet get another season. Calculations including popularity, quality of writing, length of hiatus, adaptable material, and other factors. All leading to the list we have here.


This might be a shocker but despite this series having a 13 year long drought. Along with story after the anime’s first season to be adapted. This is a series that I am personally okay with not having another season. As if you watch the final episode of the anime they explain it perfectly why their story can end there and never be continued. While also having so much yet to be told. It is a special series like that. One that I would be happy either way. Overall thought it is a story that deserves a second season for its amazing writing.

No Game No Life

Every and their mom knows that this anime has been deserving of a second season. This is also most likely out of the three series to have another season soon. As movie prequel came out a couple years ago. Along with many hints in other Madhouse studio anime series. So it is only inevitable to have Sora and Shiro as the leads of this story anime since 2014.

Tsurezure Children

Now this is an anime that is close to my heart. It being one of those very underrated romance anime. With the story of this manga completed and concluded beautifully. It is a story that I wish was also completed in anime format. As it has been a 5 year drought of this series since its anime. That some might say doesn’t deserve it but I say it does.

Final Thoughts

Well thank you all for taking the time to read this. There are millions of anime that deserve a sequel and I put the three that I believe deserve it the most. If you have some that you think I missed then tell me in the comments below. Until next time be great.

Also, I am gonna eat some McDonalds.

3 thoughts on “3 Anime That Deserve A Season 2

  1. There are so many anime I wish had a season 2. No Game No Life is definitely on that list as is Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash.
    My only concern is that after a significant length of time has passed it may not fit if they just add a new season. D Gray Man tried that with Hallow and the visuals were definitely different and while I didn’t mind the additional season it also didn’t feel the same as what I’d been wanting.

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    1. That is a good point that I didn’t think about. As typically it is hard to translate the style from the 2000’s anime to today. So a possible solution to that is maybe after a crazy amount of time, instead of a season 2 we have a reboot to the series similar to Hunter X Hunter and Fullmetal.

      Also, I personally have heard of Grimgar before, but now I am interested.

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      1. It’s a different kind of isekai and quite slow but I love the world-building. The novels have been brilliant.

        I think you are right. I’m glad Fruits Basket went with a reboot instead of trying to tack on a season 2 after so many years.

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