6th Great General Spot Revealed!!! | Kingdom Manga Chapter 672 Review

I love how Hara always finds a way to either troll his fans or slip in some comedy in his manga. Besides that we have the announcement for the sixth general spot, Interesting dialogue between Kanki and Ousen, and finally how King Ei Sei feels about his new Qin Six. So let us talk about chapter 672 of Kingdom called “Golden Wings”.

The 6th General Spot

The 6th General Spot was announced and it is left vacant. Leading to a concern that I had about the Great General System being revived. Was it too early to revive it? As not only do you have 2 people that are not loyal to the king whatsoever. But, you did not even have a person qualified for the 6th spot (RIP Heki Fans).

Kanki and Ousen

So will this be a fatal mistake leading to a possible group rebelion. As Kanki was talking to Ousen constantly during this ceremony. Also Kanki has respect for Ousen so he might join him in a fatal rebellion that can crush Qin. But, who knows. Even though Ei Sei noted that risk as he was comparing the loyalty of the previous Qin Six to the current generation. There is just so much going for this current group to fail.

Who Will Be The Future 6th?

Also we learn that there will be only 6 Generals. As Kanki asked why not 5, 7, or 8 Great Generals. The reason being that the system was so successful due to it quickness and not causing unrest between the lower ranks. So who will be the sixth or the first to be named a New GG. I personally believe that it will be Shin, Mouten, and Ouhon at the same time. The reason I say this is because I truly believe that 2 or more will fall before a 6th General is even named. Who will fall or betray Qin to me? I truly believe that everyone except Yotanwa ( Mainly due to her unlimited plot armor) is not safe. But, it will be interesting in what direction it will go.

Final Thoughts

Great and very interesting chapter. Thank you all for taking the time out of your day to read this. Follow me on twitter @sakedez, subscribe to the blog for more post, comment down below and all of that good stuff. Until next time be great.

Also, Hara is such a troll.

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