A Classic Samurai Story | Sidooh Manga

One of the most interesting people in history and in fiction are the samurais. As they live their lives by a code and honor. That you would only truly understand if you walked the path of a samurai. As within this manga you actually do as you follow two brothers through their entire lives as they walk the path of samurais. A path that contains honor, love, lost, betrayal, sacrifice and so much more in this manga called Sidooh.


Before I even start to talk about this manga, I want to start off with a warning. As this manga is a historical seinen manga. Meaning that manga contains contents of r*pe, nudity, blood, and gore. So I wouldn’t recommend this unless you have read series like Berserk, Vinland Saga, Vagabond, and other seinen series of their likeness. So I hope you enjoy my recommendation if you are still here.


Shoutarou(Sho) and Gentarou(Gen) are two young brothers who witness their mother dying of tuberculosis and is left with little time in this world. As she learns this information she manages to hold herself together and give her dying breath of life to her two sons. Giving them the sword of their late father. Then, Leaving them off with these words “…Take it in hand and hone your skills. This world is unfair. If you are weak you die. I am sorry”. After that she passed leaving these boys orphans together in this cruel world at the ages of fourteenth and ten. You then follow these two boys in a world with everything stacked against them and nothing on them except their father’s sword.

Why You Read

The reason that I recommend this manga highly is because of the story that this manga tells. To me it is rare to read a manga where you follow a person from their childhood all the way to adulthood. Seeing them make mistakes as kids, going through puberty as teens, and falling in love and fighting in historical battles as adults. This manga is one where you just follow the life of two brothers that is insanity to a degree. It is a series with amazing old school art. Samurai fights that are just beautifully drawn and intense to read. As in this world, no characters are safe.


Speaking of characters, the two brothers of Shou and Gen have this amazing dynamic between them. Gen is this hotheaded, cocky child in the beginning of the manga. While Shou is this cool headed character that has these amazing fighting moments that makes you think. There are other casts that I want to talk about. But, I want people to read this manga to witness their amazing characters and see the relationships that develop in this manga. Just no it is special as some moment have just no dialogue just pure emotion.


I will admit though. The first arc of the story was a little TOO WILD. As it is the one arc that contains the most sex and nudity of all of them. It is a very dark arc as well. As I feel the author of this manga just went as crazy as possible in it. So I can understand it being an poor starting point that deters a lot of people away. I will also say that it is not the best in terms of writing. Mainly due to the brothers being children and their personalities don’t really come out until after the arc. But, I will say to that, you do see the author grow with this manga. Putting more work into the characters instead of being very insane and edgy.

Final Thoughts

But at the end of the day, this is a manga that I highly recommend. I have read this manga up to chapter 235 and say it is worth the read to me and I hope to you all also. Thank you all for taking time out of your day to read this. Follow me on twitter @SakeDez subscribe to the blog for more post, comment down below and all of that good stuff. Until next time be great.

Side note: Mozu is best girl.

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