Who is Rena? | 5-toubun no Hanayome ∬ (The Quintessential Quintuplets 2) Episode 1, 2, & 3 Review

Alright time to talk about one of the best harem series out there. As the story of The Quintessential Quintuplets is one with mystery, romance, comedy and so much more than your typical harem story. So now that I have time to binge it. Let us talk about the first three episodes of the second season.

Thoughts Before Watching Season 2

But, before I start the anime I wanted to talk about some theories and thoughts from last season. As after rewatching some of the first season and reading the post I made theorizing about Season 1 and the future of the series. I wanted to talk about some things about this season. Starting with who will be the bride. As I had Yotsuba and Nino as the top two candidates to be the bride. I will stick with the decision last season of me rooting for Yotsuba to win as I feel that her character is deepest and has another side to her that I hope to see more of in this season. Also at the end of this season I want at least one confession by one of the girls by the end of this season. As this is not your typical harem series as it is way more plot driven than fanservice. So I have higher expectations for it. Now onto the episodes.

Episode 1: Futaro

Alright before I talk about the episodes I have to say that they blend romance, drama, comedy, and mystery in this story amazingly. Now the first episode continues where the last episode of season one started. Futaro is in the hospital recovering. We get some vaccine jokes with the quintuplets in the anime which I appreciated. Also Futaro met the father of the girls for the first time. Not knowing it was him in the process.

We get some great moments with Futaro in the hospital and the girls. With my personal favorite being Itsuki interaction with him. As their chemistry with one another is great. Also we get a flashback to the girl that changed Futaro’s world. The episode ends with Futaro returning and all the girls slacking in their studies. So back to studying.

Episode 2: Nino Vs Miku

Nino and Miku have this rivalry and feud to the point where it is getting physical between the sisters. Leading to some of the girls separating with Nino going to her own place and Itsuki living with Futaro and his family. With this no one is studying. Though we learn during Itsuki stay with Futaro that the father of the girls is not their actual father. As Istuki said that their mom had to raise them alone as a single parent until meeting their father 5 years ago. I just have to say that their mother is a MOTHER OF THE F*CKING YEAR for what she did. Sadly all that work made her fall to illness. But, still an amazing woman.

Now the position at the end of this episode. Nino is avoiding them and not studying cause she is stubborn. Yotsuba is a sweetheart and overworking herself to help others and not studying. Itsuki is not returning home until Nino does. Finally the other two are doing who knows what. Futaro is at a lost sitting next to a pond and thinking some pretty dark thoughts for a second. Then he meets a girl who changed his world but older and here. The next scene is him coming out of the pond depressed and going to Nino’s house. Who after seeing him like that invites him in to take a shower.

Episode 3: Who Is Rena?

Now I just want to talk about Rena. As she was the reason that Futaro fell in the pond and was depressed. As in the meeting they met up and talked about the situation about the sisters. With the girl who seems like a horrible liar giving her name to be Rena. Takes the picture from their childhood and says that they will never meet again. So who is she? As Rena has a really nice personality and has traits that you can see in any of the sisters. But who is she? As I can honestly be anyone but Nino for the moment (though it can be her also).

Also remember the way we see the hair of all of the girls is different from how Futoru sees them. As he gets confused with them. Nino seemed to not know anything of that story when they were talking. As she was even crying at how sad that was so she is unlikely to me. I want to believe that it was not Yotsuba also as she was helping the track team and might not have time. But, also she appeared to him right after the pond in a tracksuit. So unless she change quickly (which is a high possibility) then I would say that it is not her. But, who knows who she can be that quick. Also to take into fact that Rena might not be the bride at the end of the series? If she is thought so I am in full belief that Rena is Yotusba. If not it is Itsuki as she is the mother of their family. But opinion will change the more I watch it.

Beside The Rena stuff. The little Yotsuba arc should be complete as Ichika was able to talk to her. Also we get some interesting sister bonding moments. Then Futaro tried to trick Nino into coming back. Dressing up as his fake blonde cousin and going on a date with her. Which was hilarious with her calling him of all people for advice. But, failing in the process and after Nino found out she DRUGGED HIM and disappeared again. Later Miku found her at the end of the episode to talk about something.

Overall Thoughts on the Episodes.

These episodes reminded me of how much of a brat Nino is. Like I want to like her character. But, it gets annoying at times. Itsuki was amazing in every episode to me. As she is my favorite at the moment. Ichika being second with some great moments in these episodes. Miku hasn’t been in these first three a lot. But, Miko had an amazing moment with Futaro when she was on the couch. Finally Yotsuba has been herself these first three. Will that change? Is she Rena? Who knows. But, just know what. These episodes were a good binge.

Final Thoughts

Well glad to come back to this series. As always thank you all for taking the time out of your day to read this. Follow me one twitter @sakeDez and all of that good stuff. Until next time, be great.

Also I just love Monogatari References

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