My Top 10 Favorite Hunter X Hunter Characters

The Hunter X Hunter(2011) anime is one of my favorite anime of all time. But, I never really talk about it on this blog. So I decided to make a list of my favorite characters in the show. This is a list purely based on my bais. Also I am an anime only for this series. Hoping one day that the anime will return and the manga will end its hiatus. So here are my personal top ten favorite characters of Hunter X Hunter (2011). Also spoilers for the whole anime, if you haven’t seen it go watch it. 

10) Neferpitou

The Chimera Ant arc is an arc that is one of the deepest and greatest forms of writing that I have ever seen. With the likes of so many moments and fights that I was just in awe to. Pitou was one of the main characters in this arc that I loved. As she was the first guard to be introduced. Then seeing her from a soulless ant to a person that slowly develops into a human. Her moments with Gon in that arc were pure greatness to me. 

9) Ging Freecss

As much of a horrible father that this man is. I like the way that he is calculated in everything. With the way that he uses things to his advantage. To the way that he thinks is so interesting to me. He is someone that if the anime comes back he might even rise higher on this list in the year 2069. 

8) Uvogin

This man is the definition of don’t judge a book from its cover. As he was the strongest person of the troupe. But, someone that was also very smart and calculated. His fight with Kurapika was amazing as it showed that he would die for the spider in a heartbeat rather than ratting them out. He was respected by many and even got a requiem in his honor of his death. 

7) Machi

Now this is 100% bais. She is my best girl in the series to me hands down. She is just chill and I like her back and forth with Hisoka as they are some of my favorite little moments in the series. She is also just a skilled fighter and OG of the troupe.

6) Biscuit “Bisky” Krueger

Bisky to me is one of the best teachers in anime. As she is one of those type of people that are just born to teach. She is also a person that is fun to be around and very informative. I actually was rooting for her during the election arc to be the next president. 

5) Kurapika

Kurapika is a character that is mostly in the beginning of the story and disappears later for his own reasons. As his character is one that shined in Yorknew City, has a great backstory, and is a character that lives in the world of Hunter X Hunter and does his own thing. Something that I appreciate about this series is that characters are not stagnant while the main characters are doing things. As this man is having a whole story while Gon and Killiua are chilling in Greed Island.

4) Gon Freecss

Gon was a hard character to rank. As he is a character that I like. But, I didn’t know how much. Until I thought about how great the way that his character was written. To be a simple, kind, and full of spirit character in this world is crazy when you think about it. Especially after the moment with Pitou you think that he would change but as of the end of the anime. He is still the same Gon he always is. 

3) Meruem

This man is to me the second greatest written character in Hunter X Hunter. The way that his character was written to be parallel with Gon in the Chimera Ant arc. To his game of gungi with Komugi that allowed him to grow into a human. The amazing fight that he had with Netero. To his final moments in the arc. It was nothing but greatness. As the growth that this man had in less than a month of his entire life of living. It was beautiful and written masterfully. 

2) Hisoka

Hisoka is such a troll and I love it. He is one of the best antagonists in anime. As he just does what he wants to do. He is not a villain that just waits patiently to attack the protagonist. He is doing his own jobs, and just having fun in this world as an antagonist. As the world of Hunter are supposed to be fun and Hisoka embodies that in his own way. 

1) Killua Zoldyck

He is my second favorite character in fiction. The growth of this character from the first time he came to the hunter exams on his skateboard to who he is now is insane. He is such a great character that I really have a hard time putting into words. As there is so much to talk about when it comes to his character. But the best way I can describe him is just a pretty cool kid. 

Final Thoughts

Finally completed my first week of the new schedule. So I am happy about that. Thanks to everyone that takes the time to read this. Follow me on twitter @sakeDez and all of that good stuff. Until next time be great. 

Also Leorio is cool. 

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