Emilia’s Past | Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Episode 17, 18, & 19 Review

Out of all the craziness that I got these last three episodes. The craziest by far is that the opening of this anime took 6 episodes to finally debut. But to move to more serious topics these episodes dive into the past of Emilia and a little bit into the past of how the sanctuary was formed. So let us talk about these episodes of Re:Zero Season 2 Part 2.

Episode 17: Emilia and Echidna Rivalry

We start off where we left off last episode with Emilia & Echidna. During the entire three episodes span that I watched. Echidna was ruthless towards Emilia. As she seems to have a bias towards her (I wonder why). As she is constantly finding ways to insult her every chance possible. While Emilia doesn’t have hate towards her. Everytime she brings up anything related to Subaru. You can just see the hate in Echidna everytime and I just loved it and can’t wait for more.

Young Geuse and Fortuna

We meet the mother of Emilia being Fortuna. But, she is really her aunt. As we learn in episodes 18 & 19 that they passed long ago. Leaving Fortuna Emilia’s aunt to take her in her care and raise her. She taught Emilia a lot of things. With one of the major things that she learned is the importances of promises. Something that Emilia keeps important to her this day. Also in this episode we get introduced to Geuse before he becomes basically insane. He is a person that before the events is an entirely different person more calm yet still a heavy believer in his religion. Also Geuse and Fortuna have this close relationship with one another that I enjoyed.

Seal, Subarua, and Archbishop of Greed

Also in this episode we learn about a seal in the area of Emilia’s past. As while Emilia learned how to use spirits on her own. They guided her to the location of this seal. We get moments like that and more with Emilia being curious of the world and exploring it. We then pan to what Subaru is doing. As he is still embarrassed by what Garfield saw. But, then we get the Ryuzu clones to come and start to explain some information about the sanctuary and its past. So we are getting multiple backstories that might intertwine. The episode ends though with the Archbishop of Greed Regulus Corneas appearing with Emilia, Fourtuna, and Young Geuse in the forest playing at the end of the episode.

Episode 18: Another’s Past

The start of this episode we got to take a look into another past. As we get some of the story of Echidna, Beatrice, and Roswaal many years ago. It is something very interesting to me. As Beatrice seemed to have a close relationship with Ryzuu and is still a tsundere. Also we see a young Roswaal so we might get information about his devotion to Echidna soon.

Witch of Vanity Pandora

Now we get the fight between Fortuna and Geuse against Corneas the bishop of greed. But, there is another person that appears. And when this person came into the anime. I just knew that this person was the strongest by a mile. Her calm demeter and her aura was something not to be messed with. The way that she praised Guses with tears in her eyes. To then giving Geuse the title of sloth after seeing his conviction to taking in the dark energy to defend Emilia and Fourtuna and by them time to run. Pandora is such a interesting character. As she even made Corneau who I thought was gonna be the main threat vanish to a place of peace it seemed. She has a power that might be even stronger than Satella and that is something not to be messed with. I can’t wait to learn more about her character.

Sacrifice and Serpents

I wanted to touch on the animals of the world of Re:Zero. As there is an abundance of animals with powers of mass destruction. Whether it be the whales, dogs, and even rabbits. This is one of the most dangerous worlds in fiction to live in. With the serpente being an animal that took the life of Archi(Member of Emilia’s Village) and had such a contagious attack that you can’t even cut off your leg to save yourself from it.

Episode 19: Seal and Pandora

After fleeing from the battlefield. Eventually ending up on her own. Emilia is led back to the seal. Where she meets Pandora and learns that she has the key to the seal. Pandora tries to get her to open it. But, she refuses to keep her promise with her mother. After her conviction Fortuna comes but she is nothing to Pandora. As Pandora can do almost anything with her illusions. She tricks her and when Geuse comes he thinks that Fortuna is Pandora and stabs her through the heart killing her.

Birth of Betelgeuse & Snow

Finding out afterwards, Geuse is broken after killing someone that he cared for deeply. On the ground shattered Pandora comes and pampers him with words changing him. Turning him into the man that he is today Betelgeuse Romanée-Conti, the archbishop of sloth. As this is happening, Emilia is with her mother and talks to her for the final time as she is on her deathbed. After Fortuna passes Emilia with rage freezes everything including herself in ice and snow. Pandora and Betelgeuse leave before they are frozen ending the first trial.

Emilia’s Biggest Regret

Emilia passes the first trial overcoming her biggest regret. She still has two more to go but she did it. While she is passing the trial. Subaru goes to speak with Roswaal about the past that he just learned. Ending the episode there.

Overall Thoughts

It is a great builder to the backstories of many people. With the main person being Emilia as we learn how the forest was frozen and how much powerful Emilia can be. As she is someone that is not to be messed with. I wonder where Puck fits into all of this. Also, I am really interested to learn more about this Beatrice, Roswaal, and Sanctuary Backstory. One thing I want to note is a little detail with Ram and Subaru. As she asked if he met Echidna and he said yes. I feel that that was just to learn more about Rosewaal’s obsession over her. So I wonder if there’s a storyline there. Overall a great three episodes and amazing fights. Can’t wait for more.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to everyone that took the time to read this. Follow me on twitter @SakeDez and all of that good stuff. Until next time, be great.

Echidna jealous is amazing.

One thought on “Emilia’s Past | Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Episode 17, 18, & 19 Review

  1. Regulus mentioned that Petelgeuse is a spirit, so I guess that’s how Petelgeuse has survived this long and even knew Beatrice. Given Beatrice has been stuck in a library for 400 years, Petelgeuse and Beatrice probably met around that time or maybe even before that.

    Regulus didn’t seem too happy about Petelgeuse taking in the Sloth Witch Factor. I wonder if it has anything to do with Petelgeuse actually being diligent rather than slothful whereas Regulus is super greedy in that he dominates speaking time, has a mansion, and has multiple wives, which would indicate he has an actual harem. Subaru really isn’t slothful either, and after Subaru used his Invisible Providence, he coughed a lot of saliva or puke (It’s hard to tell which it was) out and felt awful. Maybe how your personality matches up with the Witch Factor you have influences whether you’re a good fit for it. Petelgeuse was straight up bleeding after all from using the Unseen Hand, and he works very hard, which might be the reason it took such a heavy toll on him.

    Pandora’s power seems to straight up be the power to rewrite reality given that she rewrote reality so that Regulus never even appeared, which erased the damage inflicted on Petelgeuse by him. Given that she didn’t overwrite Petelgeuse taking in the Sloth Witch Factor, I would describe her power as the selective rewriting of reality given she doesn’t have to undo everything that happened, only erasing any physical damage Regulus dealt in this situation. I wonder what the limits of her powers are given that she needed to speak to make it so that Regulus never came to Elior Forest in the first place, and she needed to describe a specific situation with knowledge of Regulus’s personal life to send him back home.

    There is also something up with her power beyond that as when Emilia was attacking Pandora, the ice that supposedly killed her all those times never disappeared, which shows that Pandora wasn’t really dying and undoing her deaths. Maybe Pandora can make it seem like she’s in one place but is actually in another place. We have already seen her use illusions when she made everyone in Petelgeuse’s field of vision look like Pandora, and that’s why he killed Fortuna.

    I also caught a line from Fortuna that was off.

    Fortuna said Al Fula, which is a wind-magic spell, but considering that she sent a huge ice projectile, it should have been Al Huma, a water-magic spell. I think it’s pretty clear beyond any reasonable doubt that this is a mistake regardless of where in production the mistake came from.

    Petelgeuse also said that he was sorry to Flugel-sama before taking in the Sloth Witch Factor, and I’m assuming he promised this Flugel to never take in the Sloth Witch Factor. If you recall from the first season, the people referred to the tree that the strike force burned down to trap the White Whale as Flugel’s tree, and Rem indicated that Flugel planted the tree hundreds of years ago. Given that Petelgeuse knows both Beatrice (who got stuck in a library 400 years ago) and Flugel, maybe we will get eventually get more flashbacks to that period of time 400 years ago before Petelgeuse was the leader of a faction of the Witch Cult.

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