An Uneasy Feeling | Kingdom Manga Chapter 673 “Uncertain Air“ Review

This chapter feels like it is leading to something bad for Qin. As from the title of the chapter to the conversation that Shin and Kyoukai had. To even the way that the other kingdoms talked. This all just seems like the title of the chapter, uncertain. As something is building and I do not know what will happen but it is gonna be big. As we talk about this week’s chapter of Kingdom.

News Heard Around the World

The news of the new Qin Six being born is heard around the world of China. With the kingdom of Wei start to tighten up security in Juuko and plan to expand the territory rapidly before their alliance ends. Han is planning to form an alliance with Chu after the news. King of Qi Ou Ken is chilling in his home seeing what the next move will be. Yan seems to be planning something as they have a person from Ei Sei’s past as the prince. So will they try to form an alliance. Finally you have KaRin and Chu. As they already realized the advantage and disadvantage of the general system. Along with their first country to capture being Zhou.


As Riboku is still hidden away and his time is soon coming. As the court seems to be in chaos, and the time for Riboku’s return seems to be coming soon. But, the fate of all of Zhou right now is in the hands of General Ko Chou. Having to face three of the newly named and motivated great generals at once. What Riboku is thinking right now is always a question.

Shin & Kyoukai

First I want to say my appreciation to Hara for developing the relationship between Shin and Kyoukai. As you see development with every scene that they are in. But, they also feel uneasy in this battle that is about to happen.

Final Thoughts

This chapter was really solid and I am excited to see what happens next. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to read this. Follow me on twitter @sakeDez and all of that good stuff. And until next time be great.

Karin just chilling.

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