Falling In Love | 5-toubun no Hanayome ∬ (The Quintessential Quintuplets 2) Episode 4, 5, & 6 Review

These three episodes make me appreciate a solid harem protagonist. As this man Futarou is a person that is just the definition of a real one. Like the way that the author wrote his character is one that I can do nothing but root for. Futaro’s character is really a part of this family and cares deeply that all of them succeed. As this episode shows the care taken to putting his character on paper. As we talk about him and the Quintessential Quintuplets.

Episode 4: Nino Falling In Love

Nino has been fighting with everyone and moved to another location. To then be found again by Miku but this time alone. With a sister talk the two come to an agreement allowing Nino to return home. As that agreement came Nino cuts her hair and is taking a new leaf from DRUGGING PEOPLE (I am gonna keep holding her to that). Poses as Yotsuba to get her out of the track team and everyone returns back to home and to their studying in time for the next exam. Everything is back to normal right? Well all the girls failed and Futaro has quit his job as a tutor on his own accord.

Futaro Quits

The girls are saddened and mad at this. As he never gave a proper explanation to his departure. Learning this news they all leave home from their father to an apartment to find Futaro. By doing that the girls left their rich home to be tutored by Futaro again. As they care for him. They all jumped in the water when he fell into it. Unlike the first time he was alone after Rena left him. But, this time he has the girls ready to pull him out. So he agrees to tutor him again due to their commitment. Also Nino is slowly realizing that she is falling for him.

Episode 5: Father

This is the episode that made me respect Futaro on a whole other level. As the reason that he left a high paying job. Was not because he gave up on the girls. But so that he can cuss out the father of the sisters for not caring when they fight. It pissed off the dad so much that he banned him from being close to the sisters again. Thus the girls moved out of the place and Ichika is now taking more work at her job so that they can live. Also they can no longer pay Futaro. So he said that they will pay him back when they are rich.

It was funny as we get some amazing moments of the girls overthinking what they might have to do to pay him for generosity. With Miku’s being one of the funniest. As everytime that she fantasies now it is super fantasized that you can only find in those six digits. We get some more moments with them in the apartment and having fun.

Ichika’s Job

Earlier I said that Ichika had to take some more work. Well Futaro found her in one of her gigs that was more embarrassing. They make some jokes and have some fun watching Ichika being embarrassed. Afterward they have a moment with one another in the back of the store. As Ichika is tired, she sleeps on Futaro’s arm. But, she was awake the whole time and embarrassed. As she is also falling for this man.


We met the sister’s father again. As he is mad and a little petty. As Yotsuba has the lowest grades of all of the sisters and the rest have made no as well progress. So he threatens that they will all transfer again if they don’t pass the next exam. We also get a moment with Nino holding Futaro’s hand to stop him from mouthing their father.

Episode 6: Amusement Park

Everyone is working hard to make sure that they pass this time. So that they do not get transferred. They work so hard that they hit a wall mentaly. So what Fotaro does with his gift from Ichika was give everyone a break and go to the amusement park. Where he catches Yotsuba doing some extra studying and he has a good chat with her and not being the brightest.

Everyone is Falling in Love

Also I want to note that everyone is falling for this man. Ichika gifted him a book and had some cute moments as she didn’t want to be a sugar mama. Miku is trying her hardest to cook. While trying to improve her grades to get closer to his heart. Ichika heard that worked harder to get the highest grade and did. Nino during a test is in denial that she is in love with him. Also Yotsuba and Futaro had a moment on the ferris wheel. Just saying this man is so good he is not even trying.

Exam Results

The results of the exam lead to everyone passing. So they can now rest and celebrate. But, Nino went on her own again to do something. Futaro wants her to be part of this and goes get her. End of the episode.

Quin Talk

Alright time talk about the sisters as of episode 6. With my number one personal favorite being Itsuki, as she is just chilling and has moments in these episodes of just being a main character. Ichika really stood out as she was doing it all in these episodes. Also at this moment I personally want Futaro to date outside of the sisters to keep the bond that they have now. But, this series already spoiled us so one quin has to win. My pick is still Yotsuba as she is some that despite her saying how dumb she is. I truly feel that she is smarter than that.

Miku just seems like a loser to me. No hate, it is just I feel that her character is one that is stuck at failing to get his heart and not just confessing to him soon enough. Like me personally the closest two to Futaro as of these episodes is Itsuki (knows family well) and Nino (The sole reason is them being nude in front of one another multiple times). While Miku has been stuck on this food thing since season one. That is my opinion on Miku. I love her character. But, her character is one that is written to be rejected. I hope for more of a fight from her in the future. Now Nino, she cut her hair and turned a new leaf in these episodes. But to me she is the same character that DRUGS PEOPLE. But, I will say that her character is getting better.

Final Thoughts

Those are my thoughts on the twins. Also it was interesting learning more on their mother. Thank you all for taking the time out of your day to read this. Follow me @sakeDez on twitter and all that good stuff. Until next time, be great.


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