5 Anime Openings That I Love

Today I just wanted to talk about five anime openings that I love. They are not the greatest nor are they the best in certain departments. They are just anime openings that I love and want to talk about. As I always love talking about openings but never have a way to talk about them.

1) “Day you laugh” by Toshiyuki Toyonaga | Durarara!! OP3

Durara has that style of opening that is similar to its brother series in Baccano. As it is an anime to introduce you to all of the characters with their names next to them. While also giving you a glimpse into their world and character. As all of the openings of Durarara follow this style and are all amazing to me. With my favorite of the bunch being opening 3. As the music for this opening was one of the best in the series.

2) “I Wanna Be” by SPYAIR | Gintama OP21

This is the opening that perfectly concluded my favorite anime (kinda). As this opening showed the parts of the great war that they were in.They showed all of the people, sacrifice, and everything that was put into this anime. Along with being sung by Spyair who sang the opening for Gintama OP13. An opening that many consider the best in Gintama. And having them come back to finish this anime(kinda) was one of the best ways to conclude the series and say goodbye to us the viewer.

3) “Tabi no Tochuu ” by Kiyoura Natsumi | Spice And Wolf OP1

There are openings in anime that are just special. With this one being one that I believe is the best directed opening in anime history. The way that they have Holo and Lawerece together in every scene after they meet both physically and symbolically is masterful. To the way that they have Lawrence and the warm colors on the left. Along with the way they have holo and her cool colors to the right. This is an opening that is not only one that I love. But, one that I consider one of the greatest anime openings both visually and musically. And I would expect no less for this anime.

4) “unravel” by TK from Ling Tosite Sigure | Tokyo Ghoul OP1

Tokyo Ghoul is an anime opening that comes first to mind when you think. What is the greatest anime opening in anime. As this is one that to me has one of the best drops and the music is amazing. Visually it is beautiful too, I just don’t have the honor to say anything about the meaning of the opening. As I have not seen the anime. But, this opening is one of the best to listen to period.

5) “shadowgraph” by MYTH&ROID | Boogiepop and Others OP1

If you didn’t know my favorite anime music artist it’s Myth and Roid. They are just special music artists to me. As every time that they perform I know that it is their music. I love their music so much that I have even gone on personal rants on this blog when their voices are wasted on bad anime *cough* Isekai Cheat Magician *cough*. They have so many great openings sing I wanted to include one from the underrated anime of Boogiepop. As the visuals to the amazing music in this is amazing and underappreciated to me.

Final Thoughts

I hope that some of you if not already take time to appreciate some of these anime openings. As some of them have a lot of work put into it. Thanks to everyone for taking the time out of your day for reading this. And I hope that you guys are good and until next time, be great.

I still can’t get over Myth and Roid wasting their voice on that anime.

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