Confessions and Mystery | 5-toubun no Hanayome ∬ (The Quintessential Quintuplets 2) Episode 7, 8, & 9 Review

Well I had one wish for this season and it delivered way faster than I thought. As multiple confessions have happened ladies and gentlemen. One of which being from a person that I least expected it coming from. We add a lot of mystery elements in these past episodes. Then in episode nine I became very disappointed in Ichika. So let’s talk about these episodes of Quintessential Quintuplets.

Episode 7: First Confession

The episode starts off with Futaro picking up Nino as she wanted to be alone after passing the exams. But, Futaro wanted everyone to be together. So he comes on a motorcycle and picks up Nino right in front of her dad. Who just lost to Futaro again and is slowly becoming more hated by their father. During the drive back to the celebration of passing Nino finally realizes her feelings for Futaro and confesses her love to him. But, she said it low so he could not hear it. After that I thought that was the end of it. But, Nino said f*ck the tropes and confessed to him again to make sure that he heard it close and personal. But, she didn’t want a response anytime soon.


Then later in this same episode. She pulled up to him in a towel at the hot springs that everyone is vacationing at the end of this episode. I have to say though about Nino, when she is in love ain’t nobody stopping her. Its crazy as she went from one of my least favorite characters as she is still a spoiled rich girl that DRUGS PEOPLE. But, damn she is right now my number one girl to win after this. She pursued what she wanted and took the offensive. Also side note, Ichika was hidden in the room also during this confession. As Ichika is a person that I will talk about later.

Episode 8: Vacation

Now the end of the last episode and majority of this one takes place in a spring restore. Where in the last episode both the families of the sisters and Futaro won a trip there. This place also is owned by the grandfather of the sisters and the grandfather’s introduction was amazing. As he seems like a 1000 year old karate master and moments with him were amazing. Now this episode mainly dealt with a mystery that started with the last episode. As one of the sisters posed as Itsuki told Futaro to quit and leave from the sister. Leading to a mystery of who was the sister that told him. Also became a learning lesson for Futaro as he learns to tell the sisters apart.

Who is Who

As it is a problem that he has a lot with in this series. So this episode he gets advice by alot of people from Itsuki to the Grandfather to tell the differences and they all tell him that it is love. Eventually after staring at Miku’s behind long enough (I know that he said it was the way that she walked but we all know) he found out that the person was Miku. Able to tell his first sister apart. As Miku posed as Istuki due to her wanting him to be longer see her as his student but as a potential relationship partner. With that mystery solved we get another mystery. As a girl rang the bell of love with Futoro but he doesn’t know who. My guess though is Yotsuba due to that running speed.

Episode 9: Ichika

Now this episode is one where I just want to talk about Ichika as a character. As she is a person that is in the know of everything going on. She knows that Miku has been in love with Futaro since the first season. She was there when Nino confessed to him. And finally she realized her own feelings for him.


Now it started Ichika wants to support Miku but she is in love with him also. So she does what she can to block Miku but supports her goal as well. As she helps hide Miku secret chocolate making from Futaro. But, then when she made the plan to confess to him after getting the highest grade of the sisters. Ichika prevented her from confessing by getting the highest score herself. So there was this constant back and forth between two shy girls that waited patiently for the right time to confess. Then come Nino.


As she when she realizes her feelings for him. She does everything to show it. Telling him that she loves him, hitting on him in the public, and even trying to join him in the bath. Seeing this Ichika felt she had to make a move soon. As she felt that the distance from them was getting wider. Then out of panic at the end of this episode she basically ruined her chances with Futaro and damaged her relationship with Miku at the same time. As this lie can only go so far. Like what happens when Miku finds out. Seriously what will happen when she finds out and worst when Futaro finds out. I hope that this gets resolved really quickly or is joked off cause this is seeming to be a large misunderstanding that will end with Ichika being hurt. To be honest though I am just disappointed in her more than mad to be honest. As this was a spur of the moment lie and she is young but damn that hurt at the end of the episode.

Other Stuff

Now other stuff that has happened that I wanted to talk about is that all of the girls got jobs to lessen the work on Ichika. We get a very cute moment between Futaro and Nino as they now work at the same job. Miku is still pursuing her goal but she is oblivious to Nino and Ichika’s love for Futaro. All of the girls are now in the same class and third years now with Futaro. Thus somehow making Futaro more popular in school. Finally everything is turning up with three episodes left.

Overall Thoughts

I will say that these three episodes have been my favorites so far. Itsuki is still my personal favorite girl. With Nino jumping in second place and being the girl I think will win. As she is changing for the better. Yotsuba is very interesting to me as so far this season she has had the least development of the sisters. So I am expecting a huge season three or final three episodes of season two. Finally, Ichika I just hope the best for you out of this situation.

Final Thoughts

I want to say one more thing I did enjoy the sister interactions. Once again thanks everyone for taking the time out of your day for reading this. Follow me on twitter @sakeDez and all of that good stuff and until next time, be great.

Also always remember Futaro can tell who Miku is by looking at her butt.

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