Let’s Talk About Attack On Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) The Final Season Part 1

I am pretty sure that everyone and their mom knew that this was not the final episode of Attack On Titan this week was not the end. But, it is the end of the first half of this amazing anime. (Unless they are crazy enough to have a Final Season Part III). As this half ended I wanted to get my thoughts out about this amazing first half of the final season. As Attack On Titan is one of the rare anime to have extreme hype and live up to it. So let’s discuss it.

Part 2 Announcement!!!

As a shocker to no one we will have the true finale of Attack On Titan Final Season during Winter 2022. Giving MAPPA plenty of time to rest and prepare to give us the greatest final episodes to this franchise.

Studio MAPPA

Speaking of studio MAPPA. I have to give props to the staff of MAPPA. As they had humongous shoes to fill. Studio Wit is a studio with some of the highest praises in anime and well deserved for the first three seasons that they gave us. Also we see when the studios changes happen it is not typically the best and can sometimes ruin the anime. With prime examples being One Punch Man and Nanastu No Tazai that were far subpar compared to their original creators. So I have to once again give props to MAPPA and their staff for their work this season. As they did not only stay consistent with the great animation that Wit had in previous seasons. But, they had some moments that were animated just masterfully. So just a great job to a new powerhouse in the anime industry.

The Fights

The fights in this anime were hyped and action packed fun. The constant mind games, thinking, and preparation that everyone had to do in order to win was great. We had some amazing fights with Eren vs everyone in Marley, the scouts regime vs everyone in Marley, Levi going crazy against Zeke in the forest. There was those and many more amazing fights in the series. But, what was more amazing to me was the internal battles along with the battles of ideologies of who is right and wrong. One of my favorite scenes being the scene with Sasha father choosing to end the cycle of hatred for him and forgiving Gabi. As he is a better man than most.

New Characters Of Season 4

Now this season started off giving us new characters left and right. As we were introduced to a whole new side of the world of Attack on Titan as we learned about the home across the seas. With Pieck being a personal favorite of mine. As she was a serious person when needed. While also being funny and chill at times also. She was a great addition to this season. One that I hope lives till the end of the series.

Now Gabi and Falco are an amazing addition to the series also. Despite Gabi being a literal punching bag in the series sometimes. She to me is Eren in season one but is developing quicker as a character compared to him. Mainly due to the environment that she is in. As she is very naive and is a blind follower of the Marleynes. So she is challenged in her way of thinking I just love it. Then you have Falco, my personal favorite character of season 4. As this kid was a person that thought about both sides all of the time. As he is a person that has aa great understanding at such a young age. Constantly thinking to himself what is truly right and wrong. A character that I believe will have a huge moment in Part 2. There are so many new characters that came in season 4. But, those three are at the top of my list.

Old Cast

Now time to talk about the original cast of this anime. As this season started we started to learn more about Reiner. We learn his reason for attacking the wall and his motivations in the anime. We get the backstory of Zeke and his motivations. Along with the reason he is doing all of this to the end his race. The more that we learn about his character the more that we wonder who is truly in the wrong. What is the right answer to end this hate is revenge? Sacrifice? Or is it just war till one side is eliminated?

I love Mikasa this season. Armin is very interesting this season to me. As he has one of the most powerful titans in the series. While also gaining Berthold’s memories. Also shout out to Annie for like 20 seasons being still in that crystal. Also Hange needs some love as her character is amazing. Also Historia my queen became pregnant (not really her choice) to a random person that we never met and might never see in the series. I have to say though seeing all of these characters grow up was also so surreal as it really feels that we have been with these characters all of this time. One more thing as this is a SPOILER, if you have seen this episode already RIP to Sasha as her death was sad. While also being one of the most spoiled scenes in anime period. Like people just need to chill with spoilers.


Eren is a character that has changed drastically. I want to talk about his character in depth after part two of the final season. As I know that he is a character on a path to revenge. But, I want to know to what end will his path of revenge take him. As he is a character that wants to be free of everything and what he does at the end will help me truly talk about the main character of this amazing franchise.

Final Thoughts

Well I can’t wait until next year for the true conclusion to this anime. As I learn one thing. This anime is one that I cannot wait to conclude. But you always have to remember if you want a great product it takes time. Thanks to everyone taking the time out of your day to read this. As I really stopped talking about this anime due to school. But, know this is greatness that I watch the second it came out every sunday. Until next time be great.

Now time to avoid spoilers like crazy.

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