Garfield Vs Elsa | Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Episode 20, 21, & 22 Review

I love the backstory of Roswaal, Beatrice, and Ryuzu. I love the motivations of Ram and the being of her fight. We get some interesting information on Echidna. Along with major fights in these three episodes. Now let’s get on with this episode as we are talking about Re Zero Season 2 Part 2.

Episode 20: Roswaal’s Past

As the last episode ended on Emilia’s past. This episode we start Roswaal’s past and with his past we learn a lot of information. We see how he first met Echidna and fell for her. We learn about the relationship between himself, Beatrice, and Ryuzu had in the past. As it was very similar to a group of siblings, with Roswaal being the older brother who teased the middle sister Beako, and protected the little sister Ryuzu. But, Roswaal cared for and loved Echidna the most. We learn why they want to make a seal to the sanctuary and how. As with Ruyzu sacrifice she will become the crystal and the source to the barrier. Making this decision herself, she later in the episode has her final goodbye with Beako. One that made me a little sad at the end. As that scene was one that was beautifully sad.


Now before I talk about Subaru and Roswaal. I have to talk a little more about Echidna and the past as this story is far from complete yet to me. With us never getting the conclusion of the fight that Roswaal and Echidna had. Nor do we know how Beako met Guese in the past or the actual time of all of this compared to Emilia’s timeline. Also one thing that I noticed in the backstory is the lack of Echidna eyes in the flashback. As I wonder why they did that in the past. Was it to symbolize the way that they loved her unconditionally and never cared how she saw them. Or was it something to do with a possible power that she had in the past. It was something that was really interesting to me.

Subaru and Roswaal

Now this Subaru and Roswaal clash of ideologies is the stuff that I just loved in fiction. As the two of them are so similar yet so different at the same time in their way of thinking. As they will do anything for the person that they love. But, their ways are very different from one another. Also in that we learn that Emilia is from the same bloodline of Satella. Unless Roswaal was lying. So that is something that might further disprove the Satella = Emilia Theories a little.

Episode 21: Ram’s Motive

Now this episode I want to talk about Ram. As she is one of my favorite characters in the series. For her pure savage nature alone. As she will treat everyone with the exception to one man with utter savagery. So when she met Emilia and had a conversation with her. I was wondering who’s side Ram was on. As the conversation was happening I believe in after seeing how strong Emilia was after the trial. Ram decided to put her faith in Emilia in that very moment even kneeling to her. Leading to my concern before this conversation Roswaal.

As Ram is forever grateful to Roswaal and what he has done for her. As she is in full support of what he does most of the time. Willing to do anything for him. But, she fears that he has taken a path that she cannot follow. But, she is forever loyal to him. So seeing Emilia become stronger in that moment gave Ram a new motive. That being taking Roswaal away from his obsession with Echidna. So while Emilia is taking the second trial. Ram is doing everything in her power to stop Roswaal from bringing the snow and disaster to the sanctuary before Emilia can free it. Thus leading to the events of the fight between Roswaal and Ram with the help of a certain person or should I say spirit.

Ram & Puck Vs Roswaal

As the jewel that Subaru gave Ram at the beginning of the episode was Puck. In a crystal again which still confuses me that he refuses to talk to Emilia. But, we learn how Roswaal was able to make the snow come. As he is using the power of Ryuzu’s crystal. But, Ram is here to stop him with Puck in a fight that just looks hype. But before I go to the next topic I want to highlight the amount of sh*t talking that those two along with Puck did before the fight as it was amazing.

Family Reunion

Now on to what Subaru is doing. As we learn this whole time that Garf can leave Sanctuary as he is also a half blood similar to his sister. So he could have left but he had the trauma with his mother. Which leads to another question as to why the mother didn’t bring them. I will let it side but that just seems very convenient to me. Onwards Garf, Subaru, and Otto are heading toward the mansion and make it at the buzzer. As we get a reunion of roars as Garfield comes in to help his sister Fredrica with Elsa in an amazing reunion scene with a beautiful OST.

Episode 22: Garfield Tinsel Vs Elsa Granhiert

This fight is amazing. Two people that are complete opposites in personality and fighting styles. It will be a very interesting fight that the two have. As you have the calm and collective Elsa. With her great bowel slashing offence. Then you have this tank in Garfield. Who is loud, proud, and quick to anger. I do like the respect that Elsa gave Garfield in the beginning of the fight. In another life I ship it. Onto the next scene.

Beatrice and Subaru’s Meeting

Beako is one of my favorite characters in this series. As this conversation is between her and Subaru is one that I enjoyed to the fullest. I personally am on the side of Beako for this conversation. But, I want her to leave with Subaru and follow his path if that makes sense. As she is constantly left behind by everyone she was close to in her past. Constantly waiting for a promise from a person that raised her. One that will never come. But, Beako does not want 400 years wasted on a promise that she has held for so long. So I can understand everything that Beako is coming from. But, knowing Echidna I want her to leave with Subaru. That is my viewpoint in it. But, overall I love this conversation. Until Subaru had to ruin it at the end.

Leaving the Mansion

After that we have to leave the mansion with everyone. Frederica was able to get Rem out. Subaru and Otto were able to get out with Petera. But, they want to get Beako out as well. But, we have another obstacle in dealing with Maylie now. On a side note, I love the bond that Fredrica and Petra got over this arc in the background. I hope that we get an OVA or some more on it in the future. As I am down for Re:Zero filler and I am not joking when I say that. But, all of this is leading to fight number three being Fredrica Vs Maylie.

Emilia Second Trial

We get the second trial and it is more calm than the first trial. As it is a timeline where her family is still alive. You get some cute moments with Futuna and Guese. Also a very good conversation with Emila and Archi. But, the purpose of this trial was to leave that happiness and face reality. That is how I interpreted it. Emilia does this with ease. So much ease that it disgusts Echidna. After beating the trial she exits the temple with people of the sanctuary rooting her on to finish the final trial. Which I believe will be the hardest trial. But, the moment she had with her people made me believe that she is closer to being a Queen after this. As she is becoming her own independent person more and more. Thought she is not my personal queen #TeamCrush for life.

Final Thoughts

Just know I tried to make these reviews short but, this anime has so much to unpack that it’s hard. I will say overall that these three episodes were pure entertainment. I can’t wait to see how all of this comes to an end in these next three episodes. As we have so many questions left to be answered. But, we will see as I plan to watch this anime after this post. Also I plan to release my thoughts on those final three episodes on April 5th. With an overall season review on April 6th. Thank you all for taking the time out of your day to read this and until next time, be great.

It took seven episodes to finally get a ED

2 thoughts on “Garfield Vs Elsa | Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Episode 20, 21, & 22 Review

  1. I think you did a good job covering these three episodes aside from one thing. Garfiel and Frederica are not half-bloods. They both have one-quarter beast blood since they had a human mother and different half-blood fathers.

    Now that Pandora has also called Emilia “Witch’s daughter”, that lends more credence to Emilia being the descendant of a witch since it’s not just Echidna saying it, who could have been using it as an insult. Subaru’s name seems to be a major part of the lore on witches. Subaru is what the Japanese refer to as the Pleiades star cluster, and there are 6 stars belonging to it that are visible to the naked eye, and coincidentally, there are also 6 dead Witches of Sin. The Pleiades star cluster is also known as the Seven Sisters, making it fitting that there are 7 witches bearing the names of the seven deadly sins. I looked up the Pleiades star cluster, and there are actually 11 stars in the Pleiades star cluster. There are two historical sins, vainglory and acedia. Vainglory and acedia is not very commonly used in the modern day with vanity being used to refer to vainglory and people often using melancholy to mean acedia, so I guess that’s why Crunchyroll went with vanity and melancholy for Pandora and Hector. 9 of the stars in the Pleiades star cluster have names, which would fit the seven deadly sins + 2 historical sins, but there are two that are unnamed, and maybe this means there are 2 unknown witches that are based off of something other than sins, and if they exist, they will probably be crucial to the story.

    Yeah, I definitely agree with you that Roswaal saying that Emilia and Satella share the same lineage shows that he knows who their parents are, and it strongly suggests that Emilia and Satella are not the same person. I think it’s more likely that they are blood relatives, such as sisters or something.

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    1. Thank you and as always thanks for the information and your thoughts about the episode. The half blood thing was confusing to me so thanks for clearing it up. So they have two different fathers which is still gives the question to where they are now if they are alive. It would be interesting to see what they do in the future.


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