Great General Kanki | Kingdom Manga Chapter 674 “Invitation to a Harsh Terrain” Review

Well we can see that Kanki is enjoying his new rank and power in this chapter. Along with that we get some developments between Shin’s and Kyoukai’s relationship again. Also we learn that someone is a father now. So let’s talk about this week’s chapter of Kingdom called “Invitation to a Harsh Terrain”.

Kyoukai and Shin Relationship Development

I just have to show some more appreciation for the author of this manga Hara. As this man is constantly and slowly developing the relationship of Kyoukai and shin in the middle of a war. As despite both Kyoukai and Shin saying let’s not focus on a relationship so we can focus on battle. Hara decides to do the opposite of that and is constantly developing Kyoukai and Shin’s relationship. We get moments like Shin’s whole face being red after seeing Kyoukai with short hair. As she decided to cut her hair with her sword on a whim out of nowhere. Along with Kyoukai blushing thinking about Shin they are awkward and just Enjoy that Hara is writing to their personalities.

Ouhon Is A Father!!!

As we are capturing the capital of Zhou. There are two obstacles to get to it. As we have to pass two cities to finally reach Zhou’s capital. As the armies are attacking them. The young trio has yet to be assigned to the other armies of the Great Generals for strategy. So before they split off Moten and Shin have a conversation. During it we get some information about the young trio. As we learn that Ouhon is to be a father and Shin is in disbelief. Also we get a funny moment of Mouten shouting that he is not ready to marry yet as he is young. The two of them talk some more before getting sent to the armies of the GGs. With Mouten Getting sent to Kanki’s group.

Great General Kanki Already Abusing His Power

I know Kanki has a plan and reason for this. I don’t know what it is nor what is gonna happen. But, this shows that Kanki is just gonna do whatever he wants to obtain victory. As there was no rule to sacrificing his own men. So with Mouten being called up what will happen next? Will we see if this can push Mouten up in the ranks and bring fruition to Kanki’s plan? Or will it lead to the first death of the young trio.

Final Thoughts

This chapter was really good. I believe that next chapter is gonna be a Mouten’s moment to shine more than his dying breath. But, it will be a heck of a chapter next time. Thanks to everyone for taking time out of your day to read this and until next time, be great.

Kyoukai is crazy sometimes.

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