Field Trip | 5-toubun no Hanayome ∬ (The Quintessential Quintuplets 2) Episode 10, 11, & 12(Final) Review

Alright this season ends on an interesting note. We get some sad moments and another confession to end the season (kinda). As these final three episodes where to show the conclusion of the field trip arc along with adding a piece of Mystery to the series. So let us talk about Quintessential Quintuplets final three episodes.

Episode 10: Ichika Vs Nino

I want to start by talking about the amazing rivalry by the oldest sisters. As both Ichika and Nimo make it known to one another that they love Futaro. But, the thing that made me really interested is the way that they had the conversation. As they had Ichika in the dark shadow with Nino in the light during the whole conversation. Leading to an open battle of two girls who love one person.

Futaro Birthday

It is Futaro’s birthday and he is working hard to get a top ten nation grade. As he was challenged by this dude that I refuse to remember his name. As Futaro flexed on this man so hard that it knocked this dude’s name out of my head so he will be referred to as this dude. But, the main reason that he worked so hard this episode is to prove that he can teach the sisters and it will be no burden to him and his grades. He did that and tenfold becoming the third highest grade in the nation. Also he got a gift from all of the sisters of them working hard on the mock exams. Proving once again that he is the best teacher for them.

Yotsuba Date

I want to talk about Yotsuba as she was a person that I wanted a lot from in this season and I got a lot towards the end. As Yotsuba was my pick to be the bride in season 1 with it being a huge possibility. The main reason being is her selflessness to her family. As everyone is fighting for Futaro and betraying one another. But, Yotsuba who in episode 11 we learn knows this man the longest. Knows that she was his first love. But still is doing everything in her power to make everyone happy. We got a date between Yotsuba and Futaro and it was one that spoke a lot to me. As she is a person that cares so much for others that she thinks very little of herself. Yotsuba is to me one of the most underrated characters in the show and I can’t wait to see more of her in the third season.

Episode 11: Field Trip Shopping

Now this episode is the start of the field trip. But, before that we get some before the trip shopping. As Futaro, his sister, Yotsuba, and Istuki go out to shop before the trip. We get some comedic moments and another sign of Yotsuba showing her selflessness. As when Futaro’s sister said that his first crush was Rena. Yotsuba felt that but held back her emotions to that and feign ignorance. I really want to know what she thinks about all of this. As she is such an interesting character.

Battle For Futaro

After the shopping we were on the school field trip and we get a full battle between the sisters. As we get Miku who has prepared a fully cooked meal for Futaro. With plans to confess to him afterwards. We have Nino and Ichika who are prepared to do anything despite hurting others. It all leads to the crazy event of Futaro meeting the sisters. With Ichika trying to trick Futaro again as she dresses as Miku again. Leading to a whole event where Yotsuba accidentally reveals Miku’s feelings for Futarou. Leaving Miku crying and running away.

Ichika Rant

Now I have to say this once again. I am not mad at Ichika, I am just disappointed. As when you are in love you do stupid things and sometimes hurtful things. But, you gotta learn one of the most important things in a relationship is trust and she broke that with all of her lies. As she later tried to talk to Futaro in episode 12 dressed as Miku again. But, he already had his assumptions on Ichika being disguised as Miku. Thus breaking his trust with her and leaving with rain pouring.

Futaro Knows

Futaro is a very interesting character to me. As this man is very good and perceptive of the girl’s feelings. So what he is thinking about during this trip will be very interesting in the future of this series. As who his bride will be and how will he respond to the feeling of all of these girls is gonna be interesting.

Nino Has Grown To Me

You know I have grown to love this girl who drugs people. Seeing how she will support her sisters and do everything she can to win. She is a character that I can wait to see more of in the next season. For her conversation with Miku and challegening her and pulling her out of her shadow. I respect her for that. As she is a person when it comes to love she will stop at nothing to obtain it.

Episode 12: Miku’s Confession & Rejection?

Well Miku has been personally putting obstacles in her way to personally put off the confession. As she said that she will learn to cook and get great grades to then confess to him. But, I have to give props to the confession as the way that Miku did it was clever. But, when this man said “but” and Miku immediately pointed to her sisters. I believe that it was Miku’s acceptance of a rejection as Futaro already has a sister that he likes. Who that is will be calculated in my season 2 review tomorrow. But, it is interesting as now I have to look at all of his interactions with the sisters afterwards.


I do want to show respect to the sisters. As no matter how bad that it gets. At the end of the day they are a family who love one another to the end of the day. They will all support who will be the bride in the future. As they love one another to the end of this earth.

Two Renas

Also one more thing we learn is that there are two Rena’s and possibly more. As Ichika was a person that was also Rena in the past. Due to Futaro as a kid not being able to tell the difference. Also are there more? That is something that we will see next season.

The Final Piece of Mystery of the Season

We learn at the final second of the season that Futarou said that the first time that he fell for the girl is at the bell during the hot spring arc. Where everyone was dressed as Ichika. Now there are three questions that I have with one being: did the two talk afterwards, two which of the sisters are bold enough to run and attempt to kiss him. Third is this twin 100 percent the bride or his first rejection.

Final Thoughts

These episodes have been nothing but pure entertainment and boy do I love this series. So much so that I am really gonna read the manga after making my season two review post. As this mystery is one that I can’t wait to solve. Also the manga is completed so I am gonna hop into that ASAP. Thanks to everyone that takes the time out of their day to read this and until next time be great.

Itsuki is still my best girl.

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