Who is the Bride? Part Two | 5-toubun no Hanayome ∬ (The Quintessential Quintuplets 2) Thoughts

The Quintessential Quintuplets is a series that I enjoy a lot when watching season one. The anime contained mystery in it and it made the story intriguing. The romance of the story was beautiful to see develop slowly. Along with it being a different type of harem series compared to most. As the Quintessential Quintuplets didn’t really rely on the ecchi elements in its anime. Leading to a series that I have to give high praises for in its first season. So when season two came out I was excited to see what will come. After seeing what came, it was a vast improvement to all of the elements that were in season one and more.

So today I just want to make a hypothesis similar to what I did in last season’s review to who will be the bride. So after a lot of thinking about each of the girls. I have a hypothesis as to who will be the bride while also talking about the sister during this season. I will also be ranking them from least likely to most likely to be the bride. So let’s get on it.

Three Questions After Season Two

But, before all of that I wanted to talk about the three mysteries that we have at the end of the season 2. With number one being who was the adult Rena that talked to Futaro in the beginning of the season. As that person can be the bride or a very important person in the future of this decision. Number two, who was the person that met with Futaro at the bell along with that did they talk afterwards. As it can be a rejection from Futaro also. So you have to put that in mind. If the person ran away then that could lead to a lot of things. Finally number three and the reason that we are all her who is the bride. The one that Futaro chose at the end of season two.

5) Miku

Miku is a person that I liked in the show. As this season I enjoyed her character as she finally learned how to cook. She improved in all of her tests while getting a great score on her history exam. Also her confession to him was one of the smoothest in anime. I have to give props to her and the writer for that confession scene. She is a character that I enjoyed a lot and was sad for.

Is Miku the bride?

In the final episode we learned that there is less than a 1% chance that she will be the bride. As during the confession at the end of the season. That was a true confession. With Futaro acknowledging it but he said “ But”. That was a rejection about to happen as he was gonna say that he has someone that he already likes. But, before he got his chance to say that, Miku stopped him and said she said that to her sisters. Afterwards she was crying and I believe that was to a rejection that never happened. Also I doubt she is adult Rena or The Bell Girl.

4) Itsuki

Now Itsuki is my personal favorite girl in the anime. As she is funny and just a chill person to be around. While also being very funny and having some amazing moments in the anime. Also out of all of the girls she is the least interested in Futaro to me. As she is trying to get Yotsuba closer with him more than herself.

Is Itsuki the bride?

No Itsuki is not the bride. Nor do I believe she was the one by the bell. Mainly because I feel that there was not much romance and there was friendship between her and Futaro. But, there’s a chance that she can be adult Rena. With one detail of her having the picture with her the most this season.

3) Ichika

Now I have gone on my rants about Ichika in the reviews.So I will just day that I was not mad at her character I was just disappointed in it. She did a lot of scumming stuff for love that I didn’t like. But, I can see that when your in love you do stupid and sometimes bad things. Overall I did like her character entering an antagonist role this season similar to Nino during last season. But, I am interested to see what will happen after the trip with her.

Is Ichika the bride?

No, Ichika is not the bride in my eyes after breaking the trust of Futaro. I truly believe that that is the reason that she will not win despite her heartfelt apologies to everyone. I don’t believe she was Rena as she had her lucky charm. But, she has a high chance to be the bell girl. As she is one of the most likely to attempt to kiss Futaro during that time. As we do not know if the bell girl ran or what after that or what happened.

2) Yotsuba

Now if you read my post last year. Yotsuba was my pick to be the bride at the end of season one. As she to me even after this season is still the most interesting character. As she is a person that cares so much for her family that she will put them above herself a lot. Also she is very sacrificing in everything. Always doing things for others and not herself. And I want her to be selfish in love to win. That is my desire for the conclusion of the series. As this season we find out this season that she was Futaro’s first love. It would be poetic to me. So who knows she might win and it is a win in my book.

Is Yotsuba the bride?

It is really a 50/50 split to me. As the main reason that I put Nino above Yotsuba this time is due to Nino’s confession. But, to me there is a high chance that Yotsuba is the bride to me. Also if I was a betting man I would put 100 on her being adult Rena. After reviewing that episode. Along with all of that the speed to run of the bell girl reminds me of a certain someone.

1) Nino

Nino shocked me a lot this season. Nino as a character does not fit the prototypical tsundere. She does have moments of being like that. But, she is far from that overall. As during this season I feel that she has grown a lot as a character and a person. I love the confession that she did denying all of the tropes of not hearing the confession. While also being a very fun and entertaining character this season. As she became one of my favorites this season.

Is Nino the bride?

Nino is the most bold out of all the sisters. While also being the most honest with her feelings. If I was a betting man. I would put it on Nino to be the bride. She was the first to confess to him. They to me have some of the best chemistry in the series behind Futaro and Itsuki. With the times that they are alone together as characters it is great. Also I have a theory that Futaro was slowly falling for Nino after the confession by her and their during the time the two worked together. With the nail on the coffin being the bell moment. Making Nino the one that he chose.

Final Thoughts

Now I must hide from all social media and binge this manga before I get spoiled. So see yall next week! Thanks to everyone that takes the time out of their day to read this and until next time, be great.

Also remember Itsuki is the best girl.

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