Love | Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Episode 23, 24, & 25(Final) Review

I will say this before I start. I want to show appreciation to the writer of this story. As the author of the Re:Zero light novels Nagatsuki Tappei knows how to write amazing characters, set up an amazing world, and set up so much for the future of a series. I also have to show appreciation to White Fox for giving us amazing and beautiful fights, and such impactful scenes, and amazing music in these final episodes.We have so much more so let’s talk about it.

Episode 23: Garfield Vs Elsa

Now this fight was one of the most beautifully animated and epic fights in Re: Zero. I love the writing that was put into these two characters and their fight. A battle of polar opposites that love to fight. I love how they gave depth to the character of Elsa. As we learn about her past and how she became the bowel hunter. Forever searching for that warmth she had after her first kill as a child. The fight was intense, the music was beautiful alongside it. It was visually pleasing with the two fighting in a flaming mansion (made by Subaru, Otto, and Petra). As they clash to the death.

Neck Bite

Leading to the final moments of the fight with an intense moment between the two biting one another exchanging blood. Since we never got anything with Garfield after this fight. It will be interesting to see what will happen to Garfield. As it seems like Elsa couldn’t heal after biting Garfield. So a little theory that I am gonna throw out there is that Elsa made Gafield a vampire with that bite. As it seemed like a very intense moment with an exchange of blood. Some might even say a sensual moment between the two. Also on the side Fredrica is fighting with Meili who we learn is Elsa’s sister. But, we don’t know if it is blood related or a sisterhood they grew up in. But, I like this as it shows me that there is some sense of humanity in Elsa.

Elsa Granhiert

Gafield defeats Elsa after throwing a large creature on her. But, I will say this, I want Elsa to stay alive. I feel her character is one that I just want more of in the future. As she adds so much to the story and her relation with Garfield is one of my favorites in the show. So I just want her alive for longer. Maybe severing another Queen candidate, or chasing Garfield till the end of time. If she managed to survive the fire I would not mind. As no one is dead until I see a body. Especially with her. But, if she did pass in that amazing fight then, RIP to the first person to kill Subaru, Elsa Granhiert the Bowel Hunter.

Emilia Trial

Alright we go to Emilia’s Trial. As the first trial was to overcome your past. The second having to deal with the present. The third and final Trial had to deal with the future that is yet to come. Echidna mad at Emilia gave Emilia all of the bad futures that she may experience in the future. But, she overcame that with ease and past the final trial. She is then met with the witch Minerva after they talk. It was an interesting conversation as Emilia was not allowed to see Minerva. As she knew Emilia’s birth mother. It is something very interesting to who it can be. But, overall I did enjoy the discussion that the two had. Also, Emilia’s hope to talk to Echidna in the future for a tea party. With that completed Emilia breaks the seal after returning to the real world but it is filled with snow.

Roswaal Vs Ram & Puck

We end the episode with one final fight to end the day with. As we have Ram and Puck go against Roswaal. That unlike the fight between Garfield and Elsa that was a battle of strength. This was a battle of magic. As there was illusion and strategy put into the fight. We have a confession by Ram to Roswaal. Despite him being part of the cult that killed her family. She chose the love she has for him now over revenge of her family of her past. Which is something that makes me think about Ram’s character a lot. As when did she first fall for him. Was it an overtime thing or did she fall for him before finding out his past with the cult. It is really interesting and I hope to find out about that in the future.

The Conclusion to The Fight

The fight ends with Ram Destroying the book that Roswaal held so dearly and in a final rage Roswaal attacks with a huge explosion ending the episode. I have to say that the music in this episode was amazing. Ram’s confession OST is one that I have been listening to alot after finishing Re:Zero and is one of my favorites of the show. Also this episode was the best of all of Season 2 (Including both parts). The music, the animation and everything this episode was a 10 and I give the highest of praises to the staff that put this episode together.

Episode 24: Puck and Roswaal

Despite Emilia’s efforts of passing the trial. The snow still came due to Roswaal making a spell before Ram and Puck got there. I did enjoy the conversation that Puck and Roswaal had after the fight. With Puck impressed by how much he is still a human and can never be a devil like Echidna. Leaving Roswaal in a lost state of mind. Losing his purpose in life and empty. Also his eye was twitching alot. I do not know if it had to do with stress or possibly an indication to his powers.

Ryuzu’s Sacrifice

In order to truly free everyone in the sanctuary. One of the Ryuzu clones must sacrifice herself. Leading to a sad moment of all of the clones saying their goodbyes to their sister and fellow clone Shima. Also Emilia is reunited with Puck after doing some work with everyone. Now all that Emilia can do is protect the sanctuary with all her ability left. Also Emilia has grown more independent as a character and I like that. I love her talk with Roswaal and her displaying her power against the rabbits. I lowkey forget how powerful Emilia is.

Beako’s Past

Now we get a flashback of Beako before Echidna leaves her with the library leading all the way to her meeting with Subaru. Through that I picked up two things. One that this flashback was the only one where we saw Echidna’s eye. Which to me was the only time that she saw anyone in that flashback as a person. Two, with all of Roswaal’s generations we learn that Roswaal found a way to carry his soul or his memories throughout his family for hundreds of years. Most likely having to deal with the yellow eye that he has. That was also twitching when he lost the book and his last connection to Echidna.

Choose Me

Now the mansion is on fire and is almost burned to the ground. Everyone is out of it safely with the exception of two people being Beako and Surbaru (and maybe Elsa). Beako is stubborn to all ends to leave. But, I understand the reason for her stubbornness. As she has the dilemma similar to another stubborn character that I hold dear to my heart being Holo of Spice and Wolf. As they both have a curse of eternal life and that is loneliness. I kinda do wish I thought that we got more into Beako’s backstory. But, who knows what we might get in the future. Now, as much as I Subaru messes up he found a way to convince her to leave. As he realizes that he can’t save her, she can only save herself. By realizing that he finally convinces her by asking her to save him and not him trying to save her. Which she does with them heading to the sanctuary to save the people.

Episode 25: Fight

Before the fight I just want to highlight the amazing moments between Subaru and Beako as they were all amazing. Also Beako and Subaru were holding hands the whole time and it was great to me. Then we have the fight that was just a Beako flex on everybody. Like I am a little rusty but, let me destroy these rabbits like nothing. Also the fight seemed rushed due to it being the last episode to me. But Beako sends them to another dimension to eat one another. Ending the battle.

Roswaal and Beako

Both Beako and Roswaal say their goodbyes to Echidna’s grave and their past selves and to their new futures. Also we have a moment that she realizes that Roswaal used an ability to travel his soul through generations of his family. It was a great moment and reunion for the two of them. But also a little f up if he did that to his kids. Also after this Roswaal upholds his bet and joins the side of Emilia. Putting a spell on his soul to never betray them and getting a beating by everyone for his betrayal.

Epilogue of Season 2

We end the day with everyone staying at another mansion that is a Roswaal connection. They all have a ball and we get a knighting of Subaru for all of his work. Which was kinda corny but, I am gonna let him have his moment for everything he did. Ending the season with Emilia and Subaru dancing and everyone having a moment of peace until what is next to come. And somehow Rem is still asleep. Thank you for reading the reviews.

Final Thoughts

The crazy thing is that I just realized that this entire season two took about a week. Gotta love anime time am I right.This season overall was amazing and episode 23(48) is up their with being one of the best episodes I have seen. There is still a lot more to do in this. But, I will discuss that in my overall season review coming tomorrow. Thank you all for taking time out of your day to read all of this and until next time be great.

Before I end this I want to talk about when Emilia thought babies came from kissing. Man Puck come hold this L.

2 thoughts on “Love | Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Episode 23, 24, & 25(Final) Review

  1. I don’t think Elsa gave her vampire qualities to Garfiel through a bite. As Garfiel said, one of the witches in the past was a vampire, and she died despite her regeneration, so that’s how Garfiel knew that if he did enough damage to Elsa that he could win the fight.

    Elsa and Meili are probably sisters by heart in that they’re both bloodthirsty killers who work together to slaughter people. Given that Meili is still so young, I’d be very surprised if she and Elsa were sisters by blood.

    As for who Emilia’s real mother is, I think it could be one of the 2 unknown witches I talked about if they actually do exist. Maybe Echidna hates Emilia because she also hated her mother for whatever reason, whether it be because of a love triangle or because Emilia’s mother was so much more popular than she is.

    Dez Polycarpe, apparently, Roswaal is not part of the Witch Cult and is just a disciple of Echidna. I was told that Crunchyroll ruined the translation, and what viewers were supposed to know is that Roswaal let the attack on Ram and Rem’s village happen when he could have stopped it because he knew it would happen from his not-quite-Tome of Wisdom.

    Puck wasn’t referring to Echidna when he said Roswaal would never be like that devil. Puck was referring to Hector, the Devil/Warlock of Melancholy, given that Roswaal was dressing and talking like Hector after Roswaal got beaten down badly by him.

    Here is my theory about Roswaal’s soul transcription:

    I think given how the original Roswaal didn’t have a yellow eye that it shows that this current body’s yellow eye is a clue with regards to his soul transcription. In Episode 49, Roswaal’s yellow eye was the only one that was twitching, and it was in response to Puck’s words that he would never be the warlock/devil Hector is and probably also because of what he did to Ram, and it suggests that perhaps these things were of very personal relevance to him, and that is why that eye was twitching.

    I therefore put out the theory that Roswaal injected his soul into his descendants’ left eyes, and that is why their eyes have changed colour. I think Roswaal giving his left eye a very strange purple makeup marking is a hint from the author that his left eye is what contains his soul and is perhaps a clue that Roswaal himself gives his left eye a lot of value, which would be why he has given it special markings.

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    1. Thanks for the clarification on the stuff that the translations messed up on. Depending on the announcement (or lack of one) of season 3 I plan to read the light novel and hopefully it clears a lot up. Also if Roswaal was trying to act like Hector after the fight they had in the past. I am really interested now how it ended.

      Also I like your theory on the eyes of Roswaal eye a lot. I just wonder the side effects that it causes Roswaal to use that ability for all these years.


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