Pure Insanity! | Grand Blue Chapter 67 “SH*T!” Manga Review

You know it’s a crazy chapter when the mangaka’s title the chapter is sh*t with no censor in it. As this is one of the more over the top chapters of this manga. With this chapter being one that the majority of us expected one thing. But, we got the complete opposite and more. As this month’s chapter went from its normal comedy to a full action fighting manga, then back to comedy once more. Besides all of that let’s talk about Grand Blue chapter 67 called “SH*T!” but with no censorship in it.


The chapter starts off where the last chapter left off last week. As I was wondering what would be Chisa’s response to Busujima’s challenge for Iori. Personally hoping for a romantic development through Chisa in this chapter. Possibly some insight to her character and what she thinks of Iori. But no, the authors decided that Chisa felt doing all of these games for Iori was just a pain to do. With everyone agreeing to that sentiment with the exception of Cakey. As she was ready to battle for Iori. Leading to Cakey and Busujima debating on what game they should do for Iori. Iori disappears. We then see what Kohei saw in a fraction of a second with Iori being taken by his “friends” leading to the insanity of this chapter..

Pure Insanity

After the guys snactch him and we follow their story of insanity. Staring off with a fourth wall disclaimer breaking moment. Something that I have never seen used in that way ever. But, I was dying in laughter. As when the authors were warning you to not try this at home. They actively called Iori trash and below trash in the process. We somehow have Kohei appear in the perfect place after Iori jumps a ridiculous amount of feet in the air while being tied up to run from his “friends”. Iori saying that it was all due to him being part of a club. Kohei after finding him in the perfect palace is forced to team up with Iori due to him coming here with Cakey. Making the virgin squad pissed.

All accumulating into this high action dragonball esk fight between these guys. Having these high flying kicks in the air to then get blocked by super strength. As we the got that training due to lack of a girlfriend making one of them a freak of nature. You have jealous powerups by the virgin group making them stronger. You have a dude fighting with nail clippers out of nowhere and just more crazinest.

Just reading this chapter I truly believe that the author duo was on something this month. Like you have moments like Kohei’s finisher move with just whispering to destroy a person was priceless. We then hear what he said and it just made me die in laughter. As this was just pure insanity this chapter. Some other stuff happen with one of their “friends” dressing up as a women to trick them into something that I am not gonna say. Just know this chapter was on another level.

Cakey Vs Busujima

While all of this insanity was happening, Cakey and Busujima were battling for Iori in a game. As they came up with a game talking about the good qualities of Iori and boy Busujima was struggling in the early rounds. But, was able to make a comeback leading to a draw between the two girls and with that, respect between the two also. I do kinda wish that we got more detail to what the two said back and forth to each other. But, its alright as we end the chapter with the both of them pissed to see where Iori was the whole time while they were fighting for him.

Final Thoughts

Well this chapter didn’t become what I expected. But, it was still one hell of an entertaining chapter. I really don’t know what is to happen next so we will just see. Thanks to everyone for taking the time out of your day to read this and until next time, be great people.

They were really on one this chapter.

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