The Undertaker | 86 EIGHTY-SIX Episode 1 Review

This anime was one that was on my read list for a long time. As I heard that it was a highly praised light novel that was about war, strategy, politics, and many other things. So when I saw the anime was coming out. I was excited to see what this was all about. Well, I have to say that it had a strong first episode. So let’s talk about the episode of EIGHTY-SIX called “Undertaker”.

The Republic of San Manolia

We get introduced to a futuristic setting. Where everything is beautiful and clean. As it was a mix between an early Greece period and a distant Future setting. But, what was very odd to me was the people in this world. As they were all similar as everyone had white/silver hair to match their eyes. Everyone is clearly one race all alike in figures young and old. It was very creepy to say the least. As it seemed that to everyone in that world it was perfect. We get deeper in this land and we see the military. A group of people that are drunk, partying around, and being lazy. Showing that they have an easy life in this future. Then we get the name of the person that was guiding us in sense through this world. A woman by the name Major Milize or by her friend they call her Lena.

Major Milize (Lena)

Lena is a character that I am very interested in. As she sees the world differently than many others. As she is a person with huge morality. Through this “perfect” world she gets agitated and mad about the people that they lose in these battles. She even cries for the people that are lost in the war. But, in their “perfect” world nobody dies in the reports. As they are not human to anyone in their world. Just weapons used for this war. Bringing many interesting questions to this story. Like how did the world come to this? Why is their world only one race? What is the goal of these two groups coming together? Is it world domination? Who is on the good side? So much is in this story that I am just excited to see how it unfolds.

The 86th District

After seeing what goes on in the world of the first 85 districts. We enter the world of the 86th district. Where we get the title drop. As their world is the opposite compared to the world of the first 85. With this one being a world full of different people with different color hair and eyes. But, their world is one that is poorer and darker. As in this world they are weapons used to fight a war. As they are soldiers fighting battles led by commanders of the first 85. A major person in their world seems to be a man called the Undertaker but by his friends they call him Shin.

Undertaker Shin

Shin is the other main character of this series and is a character that is interesting to me. He cares for his people and understands the world that they are in. I am very curious to see how he got here. Along with the dynamic that he has with Lena. Will he be rebellious or understanding. But, we know that this man is powerful and the leader of the group for a reason.

Their Worlds Meet

We learn that Lena is being transferred to lead this group. With an interesting introduction. As Lena can all communicate with the group any time she pleases. As they all have war pieces that are like a walkie talkie from the superior that can be used at any time. But now, their two worlds meet. What will happen now is a mystery. But, I am excited for what will happen.

Final Thoughts

I really am happy that I picked up this series. As this is one that I has been on my radar for a while. So far the plot and world is interesting. A lot of mystery, war, and politics are in this and I love it. This is a series that is most likely gonna come out every Monday. Until the conclusion of season one. Thanks to everyone that took the time out of their day to read this. I hope you have a great day or night and until next time be great.

This series is one that I believe will be special

2 thoughts on “The Undertaker | 86 EIGHTY-SIX Episode 1 Review

  1. I take it that people in San Manolia are specifically tweaked genetically for silver hair and for all of them to have the same eye colour much like how the Nazis would have preferred a master race with blonde hair and blue yes. It seems the people in 86 are not considered as people because they have more normal human characteristics instead of being genetically tweaked while in the womb to match everyone else’s appearance in that nation.

    That’s about all I have to do say about this episode aside from it jumping repeatedly into different points in time.

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