A Pioneer of Isekai | Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Season 1 Review

Now I have been meaning to talk about this series for a minute. As the series follows the character of Rudeus Greyrat and his life as he is reincarnated in another world after getting hit by a truck. Sounds generic right? But, funny enough this series was one of the first to do it. You can even say it was a pioneer for many of the isekai troupes that we have today. So I want to have a discussion about Season 1 of Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation.

Studio Bind

I just want to start off by giving props to the first work of the new studio of Studio Bind. As this was the debut anime for this studio. The season to me I did not disappoint one bit as it had solid visuals and beautiful music throughout the season. With that I love the original feel that the director Manabu Okamoto and the rest of the staff gave to the anime. Giving you a great feel of this large world of fantasy and magic. So I can’t wait to see whatever this studio does in the future and how they grow.


Now the overall plot of the story revolves around a 34 year old who was a shut in his whole life. Which was caused due to all of the bullying in his past. This person feared the outside so much that he even missed his parent’s funeral. After missing it his family had enough of it and kicked him out of the house in a rainstorm. Leading to him getting hit by a truck and reincarnated as an infant in another world full of magic. Given the name Rudeus Greyrat in this new world. You follow Rudeus as he grows from an infant to the point where he is twelve now during the first season.

Rudeus Greyrat (Rudy)

Now Rudy is a character that is controversial as hell to me and many people alike. As his character has some HUMONGOUS flaws that I am gonna put blame on the author for. That being this man’s crazy lust for everything with the addition to the age mentally of Rudy. As it makes all of these romance and perv moments just cringy as hell when watching. That is a major negative to his character. It is really sad to me as this is a series that is filled with mystery, fantasy, and some amazing moments. Along with great moments from Rudy. But, Rudy’s character really knocks it down in my book.

For example early in the series when he said he was gonna groom Syhpie to be his perfect wife. What the hell was that thinking? Then you have the bed scene with Eris. Which is a scene that I have seen in three versions(manga, light novel, anime) now and everytime I witness that scene it gets worse. I just wonder what is that author thinking when writing these moments along with all of the stuff that was in the light novels that I will not say due to spoilers.


Now Roxy is the best girl in this anime by a mile. She is just a chill person to be around and overall an amazing character. I like her dynamic with Rudy in the beginning of the series and everything that she did for him in the start. Helping him overcome his fears and teaching him magic. She is a character that I appreciate heavily and can’t wait to see more of her in the anime.


Syphie is an amazing character that I love. As in the beginning she was reliant on Rudy for everything. As he taught her magic, how to read, and everything else. But, she was too dependent on Rudy for everything. So in order to make both Rudy and Syphie both strong Paul (father of Rudy) separated them. Leading him to meet Eris and her family. I appreciate one of the rare moments of good parenting by Paul. As it allowed Rudy in this season to grow. With Syphie being something that you will have to find out.

Paul and Family

As we all know Paul is not the best father or husband in the world. But, he cares for his family a lot. He has a lot of moments that make you just hate his character though. But, I respect Paul in the decisions he makes sometimes. Lillia is an amazing maid that has a special bond with Rudy. As she knows about Rudy’s great treasure. Along with that Lilia is not a great character morally in her own right. As she makes decisions that I can see a lot of people make in her position.

Now Zenith is a queen in my book. She to me is one of the strongest in the term of will in this story to me. For her to be strong in all of those moments of keeping this family together. Living with two people that she cared for deeply that betrayed her trust. I know she is suffering and I love her character for that. She to me is very underrated in this story so I wanted to shed light. As she deserves far better than Paul.

Eris and Family

All I can say about Eris is that she is solid this season. As she was not in this season a lot. I will save my comments for her after season two. But her family is wild. Her parents are crazy and drunk with power. All of them are living the otaku dream and owning a bunch of cat maids. But, if we are being honest cat slaves. I really didn’t like the family so much. Besides Ghiselaine cause she is cool.

The Future

***Vague Spoilers Incoming***

Now I have already read the manga and some of the light novels before watching this anime. That being the main reason I didn’t talk about the journey of returning home. As I am already familiar with what is gonna happen next. As season two is most likely gonna cover all of the reuniting with the exception of the mother and I am pretty sure that we will meet with that guy. So I will talk about that in the season 2 review. I just wonder where the second season will end. At the school, the wedding, or somewhere else who knows. I will be excited to see what happens next thought.

Final Thoughts

Alright I am slowly but surely cutting through all of these winter anime. But, this is another one off the list. I enjoy this series and the light novels are interesting to say the least. But, thanks to everyone that takes the time to read this and until next time, be great.

Roxy is Best Girl.

2 thoughts on “A Pioneer of Isekai | Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Season 1 Review

  1. I enjoyed this show a lot more than I expected to. I read the manga after watching the series but I do think it falls off a little bit later after where the anime ended. Hopefully, it exceeds my expectation again…

    Also nice choice. Roxy best girl.

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