Keep Attacking | Kingdom Manga Chapter 674 “Onward” Review

As I am finally able to get with this Kingdom review out. I am just wondering what the hell this man Kanki is thinking. As this chapter can be summarized in one word, “Keep Attacking”. Also we get the return of Ouhon. So let’s talk about chapter 674 of Kingdom called “Onwards”.

Ouhon’s Time To Shine

I want to apologize as during the last chapter I thought that the unit going under Kanki was Moten’s. But, actually it’s Ouhon who will serve him. As a newly made father also. So I wonder if he will get a new view now in the story as a father. It is a topic that is not discussed in this manga a ton so I doubt it. But, it would be very interesting if they did. For example, Ouhon not being as risky in battle as he was before. Besides that he is going to have to go with Kanki’s attack despite being against it. So what will come of this battle will be interesting.

Keep Attacking

We see Kanki using all of the benefits of his new Great General status. As this man came out of a tent full of women. And is just attacking. But, his aggressive attacking style led to Zhou’s main army plan to attack his army full force with 150K men all going straight to Kanki. The commanders of Kanki’s army are worried and wondering what to do next with this new. Kanki calm and collective says two words “Keep Attacking”.

What is Kanki Thinking

At this point I do not know what this man is thinking anymore. I don’t know if he has a plan that will cause great victory for himself. Or he is planning on leaving Qin but right before he leaves he takes some out. It is very interesting to see what this man will do.

Final Thoughts

This was a good quick chapter to me. Nice to see Ouhon back in action. I wonder what Kanki is really thinking but, we will find out in the future. Also the little time of Shin’s crew is Thanks to everyone that took the time out of their day to read this and until next time be great.

Also shout out to the April Fools Chapter from SenseScans.

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