5 Anime Openings That I Love (2nd Edition)

Well I decided to make this into a series cause I love talking about openings. As I have just have so many anime openings that I want to bring light. Similar to the last post, these openings are not the greatest nor are they the best in certain departments. They are just anime openings that I love and want to talk about.

1) “Lilium” by Kumiko Noma | Elfen Lied OP1

I wanted to start with this opening as the Elfen Lied opening is one that you can truly say is a one of a kind opening. You see openings all the time that have some similarities to others to some degree. But, this opening here is different in so many ways from others. As it has these chilling Renaissance-like visuals mix with the anime character designs making a unique blend of horror and beauty. With those amazing visuals you have the music choice of the opening being this opera singing by Kumiko Noma, that is beautiful. As opera is a form of music that I wish was used more in anime but is rarely. Overall a great opening that is frightening yet beautiful and truly a one of a kind opening.

2) “TOMORROW” by Machico | Konosuba OP2

Now to get to a lighter note. Let’s talk about an anime that I don’t get to talk about much. As this is an amazing comedy with the opening showing what this insane group does most of the time. As you get a whole adventure summarized in a less than two minute opening. Showing the personalities of all the girls and Kazuma. While also showing you the fun of the wonderful world of Konosuba.

3) “ROAR” by Maon Kurosaki | A Certain Magical Index III OP 2

I remember when I first watched this opening completely blind to any of the details of the anime. As I was watching it I was just memorized by the opening to later start the franchise. As I wanted to learn about this crazy world with nuns using magic, people hopping from jet to jet, and just the crazy amount of characters in this story. As this opening has amazing visuals, a great song, and compared to the first season opening you can really see how this series grew.

4) “Katana to Saya” by ALI PROJECT | Katanagatari OP 2

Style is the best way I can describe the second opening of this amazing anime. The opening has this music that goes perfect with the stunning visuals. All with these moving parts and beautiful shots everywhere in this opening. Also this opening has so many little symbolic moments and other things in it. I wish that I could talk about it but, I wouldn’t want to spoil any of this amazing anime for anyone. Just know the second opening is amazing along with the anime. Especially with the one of the best things being Togome’s [RETRACTED SPOILER] in the opening.

5) “RESISTER” by ASCA | Sword Art Online: Alicization OP 2

You know I might be crazy for saying this. As I despise the anime for all of the wasted potential and ruin characters that it gave us. But, man do I love this opening. As the animation and the music put in this anime opening is of the highest of quality. It just makes me think every time how great this series could have been if the writer didn’t ruin it. Overall I love the visuals and the music’s synergy in this opening. Anything about the story I could care less for.

Final Thoughts

You know the hard thing about this is not finding openings. But, narrowing it to 5. As I started this list with 20 openings off the top of my head. Thanks for taking the time to read this as always and until next time, be great people.

Also Go Watch Katanagatari.

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