A History Lesson | 86 EIGHTY-SIX Episode 2 Review

Well in this episode we got a closer look into the way they use their gear to fight. As this episode was dominated with a battle. Also in this episode we get some intriguing history of this crazy world. As we also learn that Lena is not afraid to speak her mind no matter what. Along with all of that we got more in the second episode of EIGHTY-SIX Called “Spearhead”. So let’s talk about it.


This episode we start off following the character of Shin and his world. Opposite to the last episode that started with Lena. As we learn more about Shin as he is a caring person that keeps the memories of all the allies that he has lost in all of the battles that he has been in. While his character is at the moment a little bland. I can understand his personality of being a person that has been through the most of everyone in the unit. A curious thought that I had as we learn that they have 129 days until freedom. It was mentioned at the end of last episode also. I wonder if it is a false hope similar to the series of the Promised Neverland.(SPOILER FOR CHAPTER 1) Where there is no real freedom just death after the time is up. It is something really interesting to me.

First Full Battle

Now this episode was mainly focused on showing the gear that they use to battle. As we got a full battle that seemed like an easy victory for the 86 crew. As we get to see how they operate on the battlefield with their gear. We see some cool use of some tactics and the machines that they use to battle were cool to me. Along with that Shin savage moment, the battle was very entertaining to me. As he was doing all of these flips and dodging missiles by a hair. I feel like this dude was just flexing for his new handler showing that she did not need much in their first battle together. Also one thing that I wonder is if the enemy that we are facing use humans in their drones also.

VladiLena Milize

No Comment

After the victory by 86. We switch over to the world of Lena. As she is at a military training classroom that is monitored by a soldier of the empire. As the soldier is keeping check to make sure that the teacher doesn’t give out any unnecessary information. But, here comes Lena and she basically exposes the whole history of the land. Giving us information on the reason why everyone in their land has silver hair and eyes and how the 85 districts were formed to where they are now. As Lena is a person with no f*cks given.

A History Lesson

The history we learn is that in the past 9 years the Republic army was brought to the point of collapse. To make sure that they survived they did two things. Withdraw all citizens of their land to the 85 districts that we are at now. Then create the special wartime peace preservation act. An act that basically made any non Alba(race name for people with silver hair and eyes) not human. Leading to the world that we are at now. On the side of victory at the moment and a complete turnaround victory of this war. Also we learn that Lena has been on the battlefield once. When and how is a question for the future.

Now two things interested me in this lesson. With the first one being the age of the law passing being 9 years. Meaning that all of this is fairly new still. Though it has been imputed for nearly a decade. As the youth has been brainwashed to a degree or they believe this already and the law help justify their thinkings of anyone non Alba as human before the law. Saying things like they failed to evolve. Second, being all of the historical references that were put not only in this history lesson. But, in this overall story. For example Vance comment in last episode’s review about the similarities about Nazi germany and the race of Alba bieng this pefect race. Along with the name of Alba being their choice. As it is use a lot in history as kingdom names, colors, and other things.

The Calm Before The Storm

We end the episode with some bonding between the 6th handler Lena and the 86 crew. As she was mad at Shin about the notes of the battle. Since Shin sent her copies of the same page of notes. They have some nice discords and we get some conversations of what the 86 crew will do once their time is over. Along with other things. But, overall this moment just seems like a huge calm before a storm. As the end of this episode seemed too peaceful at the end so I am expecting something big next episode.

Final Thoughts

This is an interesting beginning to the series. As I can feel a rebellion coming soon in anime. But, what would set it off is the question. As Lena seems like a very dangerous girl. But, I am excited to see what she does. I thank you all for taking the time out of your day to read and until next time, be great people.

Feel good to post again as I broke my 5 days a week streak sadly due to finals.

3 thoughts on “A History Lesson | 86 EIGHTY-SIX Episode 2 Review

  1. Shin just casually disrespected Lena by saying he’s not good at reading while he was holding a book. I’m glad someone held him accountable for that. I know he probably wouldn’t have tried that if they met in person, but it’s still kind of a dick move.

    I wonder how accurate Sans Manolia’s assumption that the war will end in 2 years is. If the higher-ups are wrong, they’ll need to rescind their deal to give those who fight on the front lines for a long citizenship as is the case with Shin’s time of service drawing to an end.

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    1. Yeah I can understand thought from the standpoint of dealing with people that don’t really care for their lives with the exception of Lena.

      I feel that the war will have a major loss on the side of our characters. Possibly leading to a rebellion and a even greater loss on the empire. I just hope that we get more about the side of the people that we are fighting.


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