The Best Isekai | The Beginning After The End Manga

I and probably everyone reading this have read and watched a ridiculous amount of isekai. As this genre has become so huge that it now has sub genres to its own sub genres. With some series going from pure comedies parodying the genre or a full serious story of trying to return home and defeating the generic demon lord. There have been good, very bad, and mediocre of the genre. But, after reading 101 chapters of this manga, I am convinced that this is the king of isekai. This series called “The Beginning After The End” is the best iskai out there and I don’t even think it’s close.


The plot of the manga revolves around a unique protagonist to me. As the main character is a person at the end of his great journey. As he made it to the very top of their old world becoming the King of that world. He looks at the world that he rules once more and lies in the bed that he is to soon die in. After his death he is reincarnated in another world as an infant. Now you are following the journey of the formerly known King Grey beginning his new journey of life as Arthur Leywin. Thus getting the title “The Beginning After The End”.

Arthur Leywin (Art)

The main reason that I love this story so much is because of the character of Art. As he is a really well written character. The reason I say that he is well written is because of the way that he thinks in this series. As Art has been trought all of the stupid things a main protagonist would do in a series in his previous life. So in this life he actually uses things that he learned in his previous life to his advantage in this life. From fighting styles, to the way that he used his magic system in his old world, to even the way that he talks to people of different status and rank.

Art also is a caring person when it comes to the people close to him. As one of Art’s main motivations in this story is to protect the people closest to him. As he treasures all of the people in this life. As when you learn about his life in the past you know why he does so. Their is a lot to the character of Art but, I will leave it at this. I put Arthur Leywin at the same level I do Gintoki. That is the highest of praises that I have ever given a character. As I truly believe that he is that well written so if anything, read it for Arthur.

The Magic System

Now the magic system is something that i like in this world. As even though the main protagonist is strong for his age. It is mainly due to Art training at a young age and understanding how to use his mana faster with knowledge of his old world. As the powers in this world are based on the work that you put into it. As for some people it is easier to be more powerful than others but, everyone able to use magic can be strong if they put in the work. That is the main thing that I love about this world’s magic system.

World & Mystery

Now this is a huge world that we are only getting a gist of at the moment. As there are so many different creatures, races, royalty, kingdoms, and much more in this series. As the deeper that you dive in the larger the world feels. Along with that, the mystery element of this series grows. Thus making this world even greater as we dive into this world.

Other Characters

Now I want to talk about the cast of this world. As the thing that I love about the other characters in this story. Is that they are actually characters with lives that don’t revolve around the main protagonist. As I will just talk about the parents of the main protagonist, as they are actually good and caring people with a past and have their own stories that don’t revolve around sex (shots fired). There are moments by the other members of this series that seeing what they go through in some chapters can put a grown man to tears. Overall I just say that this cast is deep and solid.


Also one more thing that I want to talk about this series. Is the growth of this series. As not only does the main character Art grow. But, the overall world of this series grows, the development of other characters grows, and even the artwork and story by the creators grows. As from chapter one to 101 you see this series grow and becomes better every chapter.


Now the major negative of this series is about another series that just recently aired in the winter of 2020 called Mushoku Tensei. As some people say that this series is a rip off of Mushoku. Even though I will admit that this series has some similarities to it in the beginning. What I say to that is that there is no series that takes zero inspiration from another series. Also Mushoku Tensei is a Pioneer of Isekai, giving us many other series that have taken a little inspiration from it. So that is what I will say to that.

Final Pitch

If you have not picked up this manga. Pick it up as a person that was searching for that Isekai series to stand above them all. I truly believe that I found that one that stands above all. So if you are looking for an isekai that has a well written story, amazing characters, and a huge world. Then this is the series for you.

Final Thoughts

Thank you all for taking the time out of your day to read this. I hope that you enjoy this series as much as I did. I tried my best to avoid talking about Mushoku Tensei but I had to talk about it since it came out so recently. Overall this is a great read and binge if you have time. Until next time be great people.

Also “that” moment at the end of 101 was amazing.

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