Ethics Class | Koko wa Ima kara Rinri desu (From now on we begin ethics) Manga

I took an ethics class early in my first semester of college. But, after I took that class I personally don’t remember a single thing from that class. But from this manga have more things that I will take with me in life than that entire class during college. As this manga is not a story but a collection of lessons to me. So let’s talk about ethics, the manga called Koko wa Ima kara Rinri desu.

****Warning This Manga is heavily NSFW. As it contains topics such as s*xual assault, depression, suicide, and various other graphic topics. So if you are not comfortable with those topics. I advise you not to read this manga as it contains them all. Thank you****


The plot revolves around a new teacher with deep views on philosophy and ethics. As he teaches kids from different views in life that join his class all for different reasons. Whether it be love, greater understanding, peace of mind, an easy A, or something else. They all came to this class and to be part of this subject of ethics. As in this manga, you dive into the life of these kids with problems in their lives that are relatable and real. The manga is formatted in a way that you can read most chapters independently if you please. (With chapter 5 being a personal favorite). As each chapter dives into the mind of a student and their world. With the teacher entering their world to help guide them in a better path of life through his teachings.

Takayanagi Sensei

Now to talk about a bit. I really like Takayanagi Sensei’s character, mainly due to him being a human and genuine character. As he might start off as this perfect teacher that can do no wrong. But, the deeper that you dive into this manga. The deeper bonds that he has with his students. The crazier situations that this teacher is put through. The more you see out of this complex character of a teacher.


Now onto the negatives of this story. With number one being the excessive amount of near and actual s*xual assault in the beginning of this manga. That can be a turn off to new readers. Another negative is that some of the solutions to the solved problems can feel unfulfilled. Or better yet not solve to your liking. Also there is change after a certain chapter that some people might not like. I can’t say the change due to spoilers but I didn’t mind the change personally.

Why I Recommend This Manga

If you want a manga that you can take a least one lesson of life from. Then I recommend this manga heavily. As most chapters are their own contained stories. I say that they are all interesting and make you think a lot after reading them. Making the reader constantly think what would I do if I were in this situation. This is just a manga that can hook people after chapter one alone.

Final Thoughts

I am deep in my psychological series bag right now. So I am about to spam a bunch of series in the next couple of weeks along with first impressions for all of Spring 2021. So be on the lookout for that as I enjoy my summer break talking about school. Wow(Just realized). Thank you all for taking the time out of your day for reading and until next time be great.

I Paid More Attention to This Then My Actually Ethics Class.

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