5 Overused Isekai Tropes

Isekai Cheat Magician: One of My Quickest Drops

If you have been reading this blog for a minute then you might know that I have been on an isekai binge for a while. Trying to find that series that stands above the rest. Now that I have found that series. I just want to talk about all of the bad that I had to go through. As I have see some troupes used in the same isekai over and over again. So I want to talk about some troupes that I feel have been used to death. With the addition of things I wish were done to combat these overuse tropes. So let’s get on with the list.

1) Medieval Setting

An Area in Shield Hero

Now this is the main reason that I made this list. I have no problem with the medieval setting. But, the main reason that I put it here is because 90 percent of isekai use the exact same setting. Not mixing much up in many regards. Just having a royalty system or an adventures guide is just too simple to me at this point. It is not gonna stop me from reading a million more isekai but, it is just a trope that is used to death.

What to combat this?

A Different Area in Konosuba

Series like Tanya the Evil are series that I hope for in this future of isekai. Imagine being put into a world like a world war one early 1900s. Or being sent into a futuristic world where everything is advance except for you. New environments that are not medevial is a wave of isekai that I would love in the future.

2) Cheat Ability

My Quickest Drop In History

Now I know that it is anime. So the main character has to have some kind of advantage in most series. But, sometimes it is ridiculous to the point where the main character is gifted everything and doesn’t have to train as hard as the people in the world at all. Giving really no sense of danger in the world and making the story boring to a degree.

What to combat this?

I just want the main character to be on an even playing field with most characters in the series and not a fight that you had to pull out all of the cheats to win. The only example that I can think that is a good model to follow is one similar to Log Horizon. Where there are multiple people at the same level. Also Overlord but only when Ainz fights people at his level. Which is rare in the series.

3) Truck-Kun

This might be a trope that is overused to hell. But, I love it. As it is one that I have seen memes about it to no end in actual manga chapters. So this is the only overuse trope that I am okay with. But, I will not take your series as a series if I see it.

4) Meeting The God/Goddess/Random King or Queen #42069 Upon Arrival Then Given Every Detail of the World and Goal.

One of the more overused things that is how they are brought in. Like there are series where they are brought in with some deity or leader. With that person explaining to them everything in that world, the magic system, and what they must do in order to maybe come home. This is one of my least favorites also as it is just lazy storytelling to me.

How to combat this?

Just have them come in the old Subaru of Re:Zero way. I like series more where that person is put into the world and discovers everything themselves.

Honorable Mentions

I want to throw in some honorable mentions that everyone has seen in some series. Like the Harem element that is overused in anime in general. Then you have the Demon King that must alway be defeated or in some instances the demon lord is the main character. All of them have to have a magic system that some are good and others are just lazy. Being reborn as a baby is being flooded right now. Finally I have to talk about the status bars that most of the time only the main character can use and see it.

5) The NEET/Virgin Main Character

Now to one of my most hated troupes in anime in general. As the main character is a person that spends all of his days inside with no friends. Then is given friends, a relationship(s), money, power, and no real reason to go back home. Also their social skills are just normal once they make it to this new world. There are exceptions but, most of the time their character makes no sense to me. I wish we have less of these characters in this genre that I am addicted to a degree.

What to combat this?

The best way is to just remove the NEET and make some actual backstories for these characters. Some of the greatest isekai protagonists came with some depth to their character in their previous life. With my personal favorite isekai protagonist being Author of The Beginning of the End. Who is the complete opposite of this trope. As he was a person that had a full life and lived it to the max. Before making it to another world. Just another reason to why it is the best isekai.

Final Thoughts

Thank you all for taking the time out of your day to read. I have projects coming on the way soon and until next time, be great people.

Read The Beginning After The End

Also what are some overused Isekai Tropes you like or hate?

4 thoughts on “5 Overused Isekai Tropes

  1. To be fair on the first point, earlier isekai was typically mecha, I believe until SAO, which changed the game. Could be wrong on that, but that’s what I’ve noticed from what I have seen, though I don’t watch too many older anime.

    That said, many of them (from what I’ve seen) still used a fantasy-like setting, even if mechs were present. I guess it’s just more impactful to go to a magical / fantastical world than to just go somewhere similar to Earth, only maybe with more technology or something. That may almost feel more like time travel than isekai depending on how it’s done.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the information as I have not seen many isekai series that came before SAO, NGNL, and other series in the early 2010s. If you have any recommendations I would love to hear them.

      Also I can understand it being more impactful. I would just like to see an isekai based in Egypt or early 1800s America.

      Liked by 1 person

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