The Bad & The Good | 86 EIGHTY-SIX Episode 4 & 5 Review

I will start with this, episode 3 was a really lackluster episode to me. So much so that I was not as eager to pick up episode 4 of Eighty-Six. Putting it off for several days. Now with episode 5 out, I basically forced myself to sit down and watch episode 4 and 5 in one sitting and I am gonna be honest. The two were yin and yang to me. As after episode 4 I really considered dropping the reviews for this series. As it was predictable and stretched out to me. But then episode 5 came and it was a breath of fresh air. As it gave vibes of the first two episodes that I enjoyed. So let’s talk about these two episodes.

Episode 4

I am gonna sum up this episode in one paragraph. They got into a fight after being emotional with a death. Which is understandable with the relationship between Lena and Eighty-Six. Lena ponders about her decisions and position with people on her side. They all tell her to stay away from them and they are not human. She says no and then makes up. Lena learns the names of everyone in Eighty-Six and they become closer a bit. That is the entire episode in a nutshell. Also at the end we get a little teaser at the end connecting Shin and Lena. This episode was not as bad as 3. But, it was not a good episode. As I am happy that I waited a week to pick this up.

Episode 5

Now episode 5 is a solid episode to me. As the episode started with us learning about how Lena grew to who she is today. Since Lena learned the name of the crew last episode. She grew closer with them and alot more with Shin as we learn about his family. We get some info about the war and learn about some sheep.

Shin’s Brother

I will wait to comment on Shin and his Brother’s relationship when we get more information between them. As we learn about Shin’s late brother named Shourei Nouzen and his realtion with Lena. Learning that Shourei is the person that led Lena to who she is today. As she was saved by him after her and her father crashed in a warzone. Giving her some chocolate and taking her home in his drone. He was his savoir and the reason that in this empire that everyone cares little for anyone not Alba. She alone sees the corruption in the world wrong. That is why I can understand why she is spending time talking to the eighty-six more than her friends.

Lena is Spending more time with 86

I feel that all Alba’s do is sleep, drink, and f*ck.

Which is something that I want to touch on. As through the development of learning the names of the people in the eighty-six. Lena is actually spending more time with the people of eighty-six than the people of her world. Where we learn that the gear that she uses to talk to them can possibly hinder her brain. Which I can see coming up later with it giving her headaches or possibly worse in the future. Also I just want to say that Lena is a savage as I feel that she breaks a rule every episode with no f*cks given. She is also bold as hell talking to Shin in front of everyone. I don’t know if the district is really lax on some rules with Lena or is it something where because she is alone in her stance. They just let her run wild.

Black Sheep

The black sheeps are very interesting to me. As they use some technology to copy the brains and the memory of the people that die on the battlefield to lead some of their bots. So the enemy that is fighting us are using some pretty dark psychological war tactics. Getting into the minds of the people that they are fighting. What I wonder now is how they operate on the enemies side. Also, the way that Shin talked about the brain that they capture unrottened and him wanting to find his dead brother to me means that is most likely an endgame or end of season type battle for Shin in the future of the series.

When Will this War End?

Form the conversations that Shin and Lena have. This war seems like one that will lead to a complete devastation if something isn’t done soon. While some believe that it will end in two years. So what will happen in the series’ future still intrigues me. But, I know one thing I am hoping for is the side of the enemy and what they think about the war.

Final Thoughts

I am really happy that episode 5 was good. As I was really ready to pull this weekly review down to just make a season review at the end of the series. Thanks to everyone that took the time out of their day to read this. I have been working on a lot of projects coming soon. Until then, be great people.

The more I watch this the more I realize that Lena really gives no f*cks for the rules. Like Zero.

2 thoughts on “The Bad & The Good | 86 EIGHTY-SIX Episode 4 & 5 Review

  1. I don’t think we’ll see the perspective of Legion if all of the Giad Empire has been wiped out as Sans Magnolia has inferred. They’re just robots that fight and can’t talk as far as we know, so I don’t think it’s possible to see their perspective. But yeah, I was considering dropping this series, so I’m glad that Episode 5 was a return to form.

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