Kanki Attacks Heiyou | Kingdom Manga Chapter 680 “The Boss’ Words” Review

We have to talk about this man, Great General Kanki. As this man has been doing something that is questionable to everyone in the series. From other Great Generals like Ousen to King Ei Sei. No one knows what Kanki is thinking for this victory. Even now in this chapter his own men doubt him. So what is this man thinking in this great battle of Heiyou. So lets talk about chapter 680 of Kingdom called “The Boss Words”.

Ei Sei’s Perspective

We start the chapter by going back to Qin and seeing that people are curious to what Kanki is thinking in his approach. Even Ei Sei is curious why Kanki would keep pushing on in the battle. We learn from ShouHeiKun that it is very important to take Heiyou for the defeat of Zhou. So they and us all must sit and wait for Kanki’s Plan to come to fruition.

Kanki’s Army Fleeing

We then pan back onto the battlefield and see what Kanki’s army is thinking. As he has yet to tell anyone of his plan. People of his army are fleeing, while others believe in Kanki and are attacking blindy. Even Maron, a person that I thought was his trusted right hand. But, for him to consider leaving also shows me one thing. What I believe is Kanki’s Weakness.

My Hypothesis To Kanki’s Plan

Rin Yyouki a general of the Kanki army and spoke some truth about the army. As they have no loyalty to Kanki. Seeing that once everything is not on their side. They will flee and run from the army on a moment’s notice. That being the weakness of Kanki’s army. One that can collapse at any moment when faced with adversity or doubt in Kanki. So what do you do to eliminate this? Send them to die so you can rebuild your army from zero. With the perfect opportunity here being a battle that will have a lot of sacrifices. But, it will also prove great results. Killing two birds with one stone. That is my hypothesis and I really can see Kanki go to that extreme just cause it’s him. I personally also believe that Kanki will die on good terms with Qin. This might be a bold prediction, but I feel that he might care more for Qin than people think.

Kanki’s Words To Raido

During the War We see that Ogiko sends a message to Raido, one of Kanki’s trusted commanders. Ogiko went through hell just to get him this message. Seeing how Ogiko is a person that is considered a meme character to everyone including the readers. Gave a little respect to Raido and me, the reader. But, whatever Ogiko said to Raido motivated him and gave him a smile. Along with that Raido received a captive of the army being the son of a general in Zhou.

Wow That is Steep

Well I expected it to be a tough task. But, I did not see this being a task that was cartoon ridiculous. As the steepness of the mountain that they climb is what Shin and their group are tasked with next. So I can’t wait to see that next time.

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