Ouhon’s Will | Kingdom Manga Chapter 679 “A Plan of Attack” Review

Back from my hiatus and what better than to start with a review of my favorite manga of all time. As no matter what, you can always count on this series to deliver in some type of way. A lot has happened in this chapter. Rei is becoming one of my favorite characters in this manga. Ouhon shows why I love the dynamic of the big three and we see growth from the man named General Ri Shin. So let’s talk about chapter 679 of Kingdom called “A Plan of Attack”.

Rei’s Addition to KyouKai’s Unit

I want to start this review off with showing respect to the character of Rei. As her addition to the army solidifies Kyoukai’s unit to me as elite. As time and time again I wondered if her army would only rely on her slaying the general and doing everything due to her not having strong people under her. So I am happy that she has Rei as her right hand. With her being someone strong and debattlby third strongest in the Hi Shin Unit. In addition to her personality being a funny character in the story.

Rei’s Addition to the Army

As when Rei saved Ouhon she had this little bit when she was about to drag a whole general by his foot to the Hi Shin Unit. But, then she said she was kidding. Along with her back and forth with Shin as she was expecting the highest praise from him. But, he moved on to the next subject. It is just funny to me seeing Shin act way more mature when she is around.


This is why I love the big three of Kingdom. As they all have this fight to them that is out of this world. They might all have differences in personality and fighting styles. But, no matter what at the end of the day. They will do whatever it takes for this country to succeed. As this man Ouhon is near dead and was in a coma. But, came out of his tent to make sure that Shin got every piece of information needed for a chance to win against the odds of this battle.

What We Learn From Ouhon

As we know that since the army has the high ground in the mountains and home field in this battle. Zhou is at a huge advantage. Setting up multiple traps for armies making the easiest path to climb the mountains to get to them the most difficult. Zhou made those the heaviest cover with armies. Leading to the result earlier of the elimination of most of Ouhon’s army. So the plan that Ouhon and Shin made together was to climb the steepest part of the mountain as it had the lightest amount of military.

Will They Succeed?

It will be interesting to see what they do in this battle. Will they have to make multiple diversions to get to the top of the mountain? What about the Zhou commander that was eager to take down the young general that slayed Houken? I feel that that general will bring a challenge to this Shin as he might have many tricks up his sleeve. Also will Kanki bring any more help to this army or is that it? These will be some interesting chapters to come.

Thanks to everyone that took the time out of their day to read this. Follow me on socials and subscribe or follow this blog for more content. As I am back and ready to work on this blog crazy. Until next time be great.

Some additional news: As I am just completed this review and I see that chapter 680 just dropped so I guess I am doing a double review today.

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