5 Manga I Would Like To See Animated

With the Anime Industry increasing we are seeing new and old series getting anime all of the time. As recently I saw an article that Kadokawa plans to make AT LEAST 40 ANIME A YEAR going forward. Which is a topic that I want to talk about another day. As that is something that can hurt the anime industry or make it thrive even more. As a series that might never have gotten a chance for an anime can now get and increase sales for their manga.

With two prime examples in this current spring anime season. Series that I have never heard of before like Tokyo Revengers and Shadow House are now in my eye because of the anime that came out for them. So hopefully series like the ones below get an anime and more light will be shined on them one day.

1) I Sold My Life For Ten Thousand Yen Per Year.

This series is one that I can see being an anime movie one day. As the manga I Sold My Life For Ten Thousand Yen Per Year is a story that is very beautiful and sad. A story about time and love. A story that is one that everyone should consume whether it be anime or manga format. As it is a story that teaches you some life lessons along a great story.

2) Tomodachi Game

Mikoto Yamaguchi is one of my favorite authors with multiple works in the manga industry that I have read. With most of them having to do with the topic of survival games. With Tomodachi Game being my personal favorite manga and game that Mikoto has made. As it is a real fun and intense game with wacky and fun moments. Along the side with insane plot twists and dark moments. So if you like series like Darwin’s Game, you will love this series. Also I need to see my man Yuichi animated as his character is truly one of a kind.

3) Happiness

Shuuzou Oshimi is another author that has made multiple works in the industry and multiple works that I love. The reason that I enjoy this author so much is because of the way that he draws the emotions in his character. As the manga of Happiness shows this a lot especially with fear in this manga. As it covers the world of vampires in this manga.

4) The Beginning After The End

If you haven’t read the Beginning After The End. Then go read Beginning After The End. As this manhwa is the only manhwa that I put on this list because of its greatness. I will say this about this manga for those who have yet to read it. It is the greatest isekai series that i have ever read. The main character is one of the best written main protagonists in anime. Finally this story is very unique and not unique at the same time. Sadly it might have the hardest path to be an anime due to its origins. But, I believe that once this gets an anime people will see its greatness.

5) Spy X Family

Out of everything in this list. I can bet 1 million dollars that this will get an anime one day. I will just say this about the series for those of you who have yet to see it. It is special. What I mean by that is that this series is one that I can truly see being the next Attack on Titan in terms of popularity when AOT first came out. As this is a manga that I highly recommend to everyone to read or wait for the anime that will blow up crazy. The writing, the characters, and the story of Spy X Family is truly special.

Thanks to everyone that took the time out of their day to read this. If you have a manga that you love and hope to see as an anime one day, post it below. Subscribe or follow this blog if you want more content as I just posted 4 post in two days. So until next time be great people.

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