The Truth | 86 EIGHTY-SIX Episode 6 & 7 Review

Man it has been a while since I touched this series. So let’s just get into these two episodes of 86. As with every episode I will say that the story is improving for me. It has a lot of rough patches but I am starting to enjoy this series. So we got two episodes called “Through to the End” & “Will You Remember Me?” which are two solid episodes to talk about.

Episode 6: Shin’s Brother

We start the anime in the past with Shin seeing his brother in the past. We learn that Shin had something with his brother that led to his brother choking him. The reason for that being one that we do not no yet. But I predict that it has something to do with some type of drug. As Shin only speaks highly of his brother. Also we learn later in the episode that Shin is in search of his brother’s head. Which can possibly be in one of the opposing drones.

Time Shifting

Now onto the time changing of this anime. I know that anime in general like to skip scenes to hide a secret, a character, or something else to be used later. With some amazing examples being Baccano and Boogiepop. But, with this anime I do not understand why we do the grilling scene before or in episode three. As it probably would have made me care a little more about the characters and not confuse the heck out of me. As I had to double check if Kirschblüte was dead or not. I then learn more about her character after she is dead. Overall it was just a misplaced scene that actually made me care for the characters more.

A Couple Deaths

We had a battle this episode that was alright. It was nothing as special as others in this season. But, the death scenes for both Daiya and Lecca were good. I mean that in a writing way and not a psycho way. As Daiya was a person that held his feelings for Emma. But, his final words were mostly likely a confession to Emma. So respect for that character as he was a funny guy. Then there was Lecca’s death. I have to say that her’s was savage as hell. As to make sure that she doesn’t become one of the copied brains she shoot herself in the head. But, sadly she was still breathing. Leading to Shin having to finish her off with Lena right there.


Okay I kinda am caring more for these characters and I need to talk about Annette and all of her boyfriends real quick. As she is a character that is portrayed as Lena’s friend and cares deeply for her. But she is also against the 86. There are things that I have been picking up in their conversations that just interest me. As Annette is always struggling to find a boyfriend. Then she says this line about dating people her age being “All the people my age are just…” and then changes the subject. I would like to know more about that. Is it that everyone her age is in the military and she doesn’t want to lose more people. Also the artificial food thing is very interesting to me.


If you know me I am a ride or die for Lena since episode one. But, man it is tough being the only person that is not prejudiced in a prejudice as hell country. As now the 86 are tasked with taking down a fortress in order to get supplies and stuff. But, it feels more like a way to eliminate the crew before Lena gets too attached. (Which she already is). I want to end the review with saying Lena is adorable blushing. Onto the next episode. But before that, I want to show appreciation for this episode not having a post credits scene that makes no sense. Next episode now.

Episode 7: Lena The Dealer

A moment of peace and fireworks fun before the storm of truth and dark reality is the best way to explain this episode in one sentence. This episode starts off comical with Lena breaking yet another rule in the book as she bribes a person to transport illegal goods to the 86. As her land has a fireworks festival that was enjoyable and helped clear the heads of the people in this story. We get to see Lena being weird on her own with the group of 86 in her ear. Annette somehow is bumping into her ex-boyfriends everywhere she goes. And the 86 group get to enjoy some fireworks and have a moment of peace. All of this peace that would end on a truth bomb.


Also the weird time thing was better this episode. It might be because of my better understanding of it. Or the studio improving on it as they make more episodes of this light novel. I know the time thing has its flaws and seems pointless at times. But, it is improving and gives the anime this unique touch to it. Now I want to talk about the shower scene as it got all of my attention. Just kidding. As we saw a marking on the back of Emma. Making me think about one thing. Does she have Alba blood in her? Cause if she had a parent that didn’t care for her to be sent to this land. That is just messed up to a whole other level. Also I am happy that she was able to cry and let it out with Daiya.

Truth Bomb

Now this was something that we had an idea as an audience. That being the plan to kill off the 86 in this war. But, I didn’t expect for 86 to know that information and still be working to protect the country. Despite everything that Alba has done, Shuga said it best. It is their home. There is good Alba but it is just covered with so much back. So they decided to choose a path of protection being the source of their pride. Which is a messed up mentality to have but I respect it. Also Shuga’s character grew a lot on me after this scene. So what will be the end of this series I wonder.

Future of This Series

Now I have a lot of questions for the future of this story. I expect these last couple episodes to cover Shin and his relationship with his brother and their possible fight. As we got teased at the end of this episode. So if Lena is the only person in the country that is not against the 86. Along with all of the 86 accepting that they will be killed soon. Then what will be their light. Is it Lena in a world where no one is with her or another country’s interference to allow the members of 86 to stay alive. It is really gonna be interesting to see what happens next in this story. So I can’t wait for it.

Well thanks to everyone that took the time out of your day to read this review. Subscribe or follow this blog for more reviews, discussions, and more content. For everyone looking forward to these horrible and late reviews. I will say that depending on how good episode 8 is. You can see that the day after that airs. Or a guaranteed double review like this one after episode 9 comes out. That’s the plan for now. So until next time be great.

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