Despair | 86 EIGHTY-SIX Episode 8 Review

It was a rough beginning but, I am seeing this show is coming more and more into its own every episode. As I personally will say that it had its rough patches in the beginning but after this episode. I can see this story being something good. As this episode was an episode of despair for everyone. As the 86 are being killed off, Lena is seeing the true colors of the people closest to her, and a lot more in this 8th episode of 86 called “Let’s Go”.

The Opening Changes That I Just Noticed

I didn’t even realize this until now. But, the opening is different in two scenes. As if you look from episode one to now due to all of the deaths in the previous episodes. They disappear from the once large group from the early opening scene. To then move to the final scene of the opening. That was something that was a neat little thing that they did.

86 Down To 5

Well I guess that opening group might be smaller this week. As the character in the background of last episode that didn’t speak much just died. As they were killed off screen during a battle leaving the 5 members of the once large 86 squad. I just want to say that it is crazy that the anime poster basically said if you’re not on the poster you’re dead. Which was one of the most blatant subliminal I have seen in a minute.

I will say though that the depleted cast has its positives despite its negatives of losing members. With one major positive being that we can get more shine and character from the smaller cast that were not as prominent in a larger group. With Shuga being a prime example in these past two episodes. Compared to earlier when I didn’t even know this man was in the story. Emma, a character that I was interested in from the beginning, is getting more depth to her character also. While having a backstory that I need to know more about with the scars on her back. So I am looking forward to this cast that I am looking forward to in the future.


This conversation between Annette and Lena really shows the dark reality of the world they live in now. As Annette cares for the 86 despite everything she has said about them. But, she is a realist in this world and follows the way of the society she lives in. As she didn’t want to hate them, but the constant pressure and bullying by society of Alba made her this way. As they basically made her think it was wrong and she just wanted to be safe. Showing that in this world there’s people that disagree. But, they just don’t want to go against the law. So I am on the side of Annette, alot as if I was in her position I might have done the same thing.

Maybe that is why she has trouble dating. Due to her not having anyone that is not extreme prejudice against the 86. So she breaks up with anyone that shows hatred towards them. Also the pain that her family had to go through right before the separation of 86 and Alba made it worse for her. Learning that her father of Annete was basically forced to do experimentation on 86 to create the RAIDs that they use today to kill them. Leading to the sucide of her father after completing these acts. Her having to possibly live off the profits of that experimentation. That has to be brutal.

It was a really good conversation between the two. As Annete explained the reason that the 86 squad that belong to Lena are dying so quickly is because of Lena getting closer to them. Adding the first hit of despair to Lena. As she was constantly telling Lena to stay away and not get attached. But, due to Lena’s personality she refuses to the point that they are now only five.

Leading to Annette telling Lena that she hates her and hopes that she never sees her. I believe that hate she said has so many meanings also. Not only towards the way that she led to the possible killing of her squad and not giving her enough time to possibly save one. Along with being mad at Lena being what she couldn’t be long ago.

Why Lena Is My Favorite Character

And this is why I like Lena’s character the best in this series to me. She might be blind in her ideology to a fault. But, no matter what the circumstances, no matter what the environment that she is in, no matter if the whole world is against her. She will do what she believes is right and follow what her heart tells her what is right.

Final Thing On Annette

I have been on Annette for way too long. But I have to talk about one more thing in this conversation: the child that Annete spoke to who was her neighbor. I believe that the neighbor she had was Shuga or an 86 member that is still alive. And they will meet in the future of this series. Also overall this season I want to say that Annette is becoming one of my favorite characters this season.

Blatant Prejudice

We then get an exchange between Lena and her uncle. As he gave orders for the 86 to go and attack the enemy base again. Which is basically sending them to death and at this point they are not even hiding it anymore. As he straight up said that they are killing them off at this point. Giving Lena a second hit of despair. As they are punishing Lena for getting close with them. Which is just crazy how brutally honest everyone is being now. Also this is a small thing that I wanted to comment on with Lena being the pure in the light and the general in the darkness. It was interesting, that is all.

Shin’s Final Goodbye To Lena

Afterwards, Lena explains the task to Shin. As they are just sending them to a base to die. But, Shin is accepting of that and refuses to run away from this battle. Thus giving Lena her a third of those of despair and helplessness this episode. So Shin says his goodbye to Lena and cuts her off. As he now has extra motivation to fight due to his brother being there.

Preparation for The Final Battle

It is a sequence of events in the house that was once full of life to be now empty. Housing the final five members as they prepare for what could be their final battle. Saying goodbye to the cat, painting, and walking through the house. They all prepare for this final battle with no fear in their eyes and smiles on their faces the night before. Then the next morning, they walk to their machines ready to face their toughest opponent. Also they mention Lena before their battle as she didn’t call them this morning. I believe Shin didn’t tell them about their conversation. I just hope that she joins somehow and helps guide them to victory in these final episodes.

Shin’s Brother

I am gonna make the theory that Shin’s Brother wanted to kill Shin so he wouldn’t grow up in this world. But, he was regretting it from the moment that he did. Leading to him being killed by the drones and getting his brain copied into their machinery with those memories of killing Shin to protect him. It will be an interesting battle and I believe that this battle will have all five members alive and somehow Lena comes up clutch.

I am glad that I made the choice to review this series from beginning to end. As this season went from an okay series to a really fun one that has a lot of potential. Thanks to everyone that took the time out of their day to read this and until next time, be great.

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  1. Dez, that young boy who was Annette’s neighbour looks more like Shin to me than Shuga. If so, it’s another connection Shin has to the overall story.

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