Top 10 Favorite Characters From Avatar: The Last Airbender

I want to start this out by saying that Avatar The Last Airbender is an anime. For those who don’t agree, your opinion is wrong and for those who haven’t seen Avatar. Go watch Avatar: The Last Airbender. So today I just want to talk about my ten favorite characters from the show. With number one being one that might shock a lot of people. So let’s get on with the list.

10) Suki

Despite not being in the story that much. Suki to me was one of the most fun characters to see in the series. Along with being a person that changed the way that Sokka thought about female fighters in the world of Avatar. Which was a really tradition world at the time. But, she was a very strong warrior that helped in many ways in this series. I loved her relationship with Sokka and her character in general in the series.

9) Mai

Now I love Mai in this series for a lot of reasons. But, the main reason that I love her character is one line that she said to Azula. Keep in mind that Azula is one of the strongest fire benders in the world and Mai is just a normal human girl that is weaker than Azula by a mile. Despite that she said to Azula “That I love Zuko more than I fear you” was just a line so fire that she gain all of my respect despite being a minor character in the series. Also her dynamic with Zuko and really everyone was one that I enjoy in the story a lot.

8) Sokka

Sakka is an amazing character that is funny. But, I love his character because of what he does in the story despite not having bending in this world. Along with not being as strong in his world compared to people like his father and Suki. Being one of the biggest underdogs in the story to me. Despite that he was able to make himself helpful and in many ways historic in that world. Also I will say that this man is the only person in this world of Avatar able to say that his first girlfriend was the moon.

7) King Bumi

Now you guys don’t know how much I love this crazy old man. As this man was just the definition of fun. King Bumi is Aang’s oldest friend in many ways and was just such a fun character in the story. It just brought joy every time that he was on screen as he was just a old man having fun. Along with that, he has one of the most amazing feats in the story of taking back his city by himself and having fun doing so.

6) Toph

Similar to Bumi I just love the pure craziness of the earthbenders in this show. As this girl Toph has an amazing backstory. Her relationship and teaching to Aang of earthbending was great to see. As she really challenges him in the story in many ways. As earth was his toughest element and Toph was his toughest teacher. Toph also was the creator of metal bending in that world and to just put her in one world it would be just plain awesome.

5) Katara

Now Katara is a character that is really hard to describe to me. As she is a person that has moments that just have amazing moments in the series. Like her learning blood bending and the horrors of it. As the blood bending episode is one of the best in the series to me. Her trip with Zuko and her confrontation with her mother’s killer. Along with her final fight with Zuko against Azula. She is just a person that to me is just always striving for amazing moments in this series and I like her because of that.

4) Uncle Iroh

Iroh is one of the best characters in the story to me. As this man was just a man of wisdom and guidance for so many people in this story. His dynamic with Zuko, and his brother Ozai. His backstory with his family and why he is kinder than most members of the fire nation. Iroh is amazing and I can’t say anything that hasn’t been said before about this character that I respect so highly. My favorite moment with him was when Zuko came back and Iroh hug him after Zuko finally came out of the darkness.

3) Aang

Now Aang is a character that you can relate with as a kid. Due to him being so young at his age. You can only imagine what pressure that can be to a kid like him. So you can see him try to run from his responsibilities as a kid. Because he is just a kid. Then seeing him grow and become the man that he became in the story was truly an amazing journey to watch. My favorite moment from Aang in the entire series has to be when he had a conversation with all of the Avatar’s of the past about his fight with Ozai. As he was a monk that didn’t want to kill as it went against his beliefs and teaching. But everyone in the past generations told him to kill Ozai. But, instead of being influenced by everyone he chose his own path and gave birth to the 5th element. Aang is such an amazing character that he could have easily been one. But, I put two siblings above them.

2) Zuko

Zuko’s redemption arc is one of the greatest written in fiction. Seeing his dynamic of finding a place to belong going from darkness to light was beautiful to see. His relationship with his father that never cared for him, Azula his sister that saw him beneath her, and Iroh the man that I see as his only true family was amazing to watch in this story. Then seeing him grow with all of the characters in the group of Aang. As he learned from dragons with Anng, rescued Suki and others with Sokka, and confronted the killer of Katara’s mother. It was truly an honor to see this character grow in this story and become the fire lord.

1) Azula

This might be a weird thing to say. As despite fire lord Ozai being the final antagonist of the story. He did not feel as real of a character as Azula’s character in the story. As I personally consider her the best antagonist in the story. As her character and her plummet to insanity at the end of the story was written so real that I loved it. Her complex, seeing the way her character needed everything perfect to the hair, everything about her character to me was masterful writing of her character. Ending with the final fight with her brother Zuko being a proper end to her story of darkness. But, yeah she is my favorite character. It is a weird choice but, I love this character the most in this amazing story of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Thank you all for taking the time out of your day to read this. Tell me your favorite Avatar character below and until next time be great people.

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