Top 5 Things The Quintessential Quintuplets Anime Skipped

I plan on doing a full review of the Quintessential Quintuplets manga. But, the document is getting extremely long. So I decided to break it down into small parts. Starting with how much the first two anime seasons skipped compared two its manga counterpart. As the manga had amazing moments that the anime (specifically season 2) rushed, messed up on, and just skipped in some instances. So I just wanted to bring light the top five things they skipped.

5) Father

I want to start off with two characters that were introduced in season two. But, it didn’t feel like it as they were not put into the story as much. As the quintuplets father was a person that I loved in the manga. As he was a person that every decision that he made was questionable but understandable. So you can see it both ways from his perspective. There was just more to his character in the manga and he was more in the story as it went on. But in the anime cut parts of him out of the anime. Making the story odd at points watching back.

4) Yuusuke Takeda

Yuusuke Takeda is a character that got dealt an even worse hand in the anime. With his character being one that was just used to progress the story in the anime for the main cast and then his character being removed of any depth in the anime. Being reduce to a background character completely. Compared to the manga where this man has motivations and has a deep conversation with Fuutarou in the manga. We also learn Along with his reasons for teaming with father.

3) Thanksgiving Labor Arc

The Thanksgiving Labor Arc is an arc that was about Fuutarou paying back Yotsuba for everything she did. But, in the anime they shorten the entire date into half a episode. Which is a shame as that was the true first date chapters that we have in the series. While also showing a lot more of Yotsuba’s character. Instead of the anime just have them talk about what they did briefly and skipped fun moments in it.

2) Rena

In the anime as of now. Fuutarou and the character of Rena have only met one. But, in the manga by the end of season 2. They have met multiple times, with each time revealing more about Rena. Along with the scene after where season 2 ends in the anime. There’s this scene that is just a shame that the anime didn’t show right after the field trip. (SPOILER RIGHT AFTER ANIME) As Fuutarou and Rena had a discussion and she is revealed end of chapter. Which would have been amazing to end the season with.

1) Miku’s First Confession

This was to me the largest atrocity that the anime committed. Not showing this confession, even if it was played off by Fuutarou. Was just something that should have not been skipped. As it was the first confession in the story. While also being very good information to this mystery harem series. As everyone watching was trying to find out who the bride is. So when I read this moment in the manga, I was just shocked at the attempt. Making me appreciate Miku’s character in the story a lot more also. Along with seeing how serious Miku is about Fuutarou. So it is just ashamed that they skipped this moment in the anime. As it was to me an important scene.

Hopes For the Movie

Now at the end of the day I am glad that this anime came out. As I would have possibly never seen this fun series that I enjoy so much. So I hope the movie is done right as it seems they are gonna shove the final arc into a movie. Which seems like a disaster ready to happen. But, I gotta stay positive.

Thanks to everyone that took the time out of their day to read this. If you want more subscribe or follow this blog for more content and until next time be great.

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