Revisiting Slam Dunk Final Chapter 25 Years Later…

I never talk about the Slam Dunk manga in depth on his blog. Despite the manga being one of my favorite manga of all time, along with Takehiko Inoue being my favorite mangaka of all time, and the logo of my blog the great point guard Ryota Miyagi. So on the 25th anniversary of the manga’s final chapter. I wanted to discuss the final chapter of the amazing story of Slam Dunk.

Takehiko Inoue

I want to start with Takehiko Inoue as he is a mangaka that I have had a love-hate relationship with. I love the work that he puts into his manga. As I truly believe that he is the greatest artist in the industry. With his works having drawings that are just breathtaking. But, the negative that I have with him is that he has this thing where he doesn’t really conclude stories. Or should I say he completes the manga at the end of an arc and the story still has plenty left to be told. Thus leaving his readers wanting more from the story. The reason that Takehiko Inoue does this is something that puzzles me to this day. Though when he completes an amazing series abruptly he goes to make another great work soon after.

Revisiting Chapter 276

As after one of the greatest chapters in fiction came in 275. We get the aftermath of the amazing buzzer beater from Sakuragi assisted from Rukawa and you just have this amazing moment of them high fiving on this beautiful double page. Then after that you have just a celebration from everyone as they beat Shannon and it is beautiful. They take a picture and then you see the lines that when I first saw them I was pissed at.


As it stated that they lost in the next match due to them putting everything they had against Shannon. Which I was mad about, but understanding. With Sakuragi getting injured and everyone putting everything that they had into that game. It is an understandable ending to the tournament. While also being a real ending that can happen in a real setting. I just wished that they had won the tournament. But, it is understandable.

The Abrupt Ending

So after the tournament everyone is thinking what is next for Shohoku and everyone in the story. Well we will never find out as Takehiko Inoue wanted to end the story on one of the biggest highs and then just end the manga there. So that he can work on another project called Vagabond. I don’t know if you heard of it. So the story ends there. We get a flashforward to see them prepare for the next season. But, sadly, we will never see it.

What Could Have Been

The thing that I will always wonder though is what could have been. What would happen if Takehiko Inoue delved deeper into this story. Possibly change to another magazine like Attack On Titan so he can have more freedom to his story. What would have happened with Akagi in college? How would my guy Miyagi have fared as a captain? How would Rukawa and Sakuragi grow as characters? There are so many things that could have happened but, I am grateful for what I got from this amazing series.

At the end of the day you just have to appreciate the work that was put into this amazing series. A series that made basketball popular in Japan. One that kicked off the career of the legend Takehiko Inoue. Finally a series that truly is a masterpiece in my eyes. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read and until next time be great.

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