Climbing Zhou | Kingdom Manga Chapter 681 “Tenacity” Review

I really enjoyed this chapter of Kingdom due to it showing us a lot about the Hi Shin Army. As it showed us their strength compared to other armies. It showed us their determination and tenacity. Along with showing us some amazing character growth from some. This chapter was about climbing the wall of Zhou. So let us discuss chapter 681 of Kingdom called “Tenacity”


Due to the Hi Shin Army being surrounded by the Zhou military. Shin had to leave the climbing of the cliff to his infantry. You then see everyone climbing this mountain. We then go to Shin’s HQ to get information that Ouhon is now asleep and resting. I expect him to return when Ribuko possibly returns or towards the end of the Zhou invasion. We also learn that thanks to his army the Hi Shin Unit are not at a disadvantage due to Ouhon’s Army wearing them out for the eight days that they battled. But, now the real battle starts.

Zhou Smarts

I like this Gakuhaku Army of Zhou as they are showing that they are not just some people with a single plan to then panic when something else happens. As when they noticed the Hi Shin Army climbing they had a plan ready for that. With rocks falling from the cliff prepared for this very event. You see members of the Hi Shin army faces getting caved in. You see people of the army falling to their demise and it is just brutal.

Climbing Zhou

The ones that were lucky to avoid it found an even steeper part of the mountain that is even more difficult than before and this is where you see the strength of the Hi Shin Army. As Ouhon’s right hand Banyou being a person that was in disbelief and lost of hope after the plan for the mountain was countered. But Ten is in complete belief that they will succeed.


Now I want to talk about Rei. As every chapter is making her character better to me. With this chapter you see her being over confident climbing the walk like crazy. Then falling when she has her mind on something else for a second. But, was saved by a Hi Shin member. After saving her Rei gains more respect for the army in the process. I just love the chemistry building between her and all of the army. I will say one thing though, she is gonna be the most important factor to take this mountain.

The Infantry

Despite the impossible task that was put on them. Everyone was in full belief that they would succeed. As they are the Hi Shin Army. From the infantry climbing to Ten watching in HQ. Shin’s army is full of men just like him. As the infantry has gone through hellish training and are a collection of slaves that carried boulders for a living. So they will succeed as they end the chapter at the peak of the cliff.

This chapter was nice and everything that was done with it was great. I can’t wait for Rei to tear sh*t up in the next chapter. Thanks to everyone that took the time out of your day to read this. Subscribe or follow for more anime content and until next time, be great.

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